Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Each Thanksgiving I try to put together in words what all I am thankful for that year. I started this tradition three years ago, when I first got into writing poetry. I want to share that poem with you all, to show you just how God has blessed me in the course of the years.

Thankful 11/22/07

As I look back on my life from last Thanksgiving to now, I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for: a house, a family, friends, a job, education, and the list can go on and on; it doesn't just stop there. I am blessed to have been raised by a great family, teaching me how to value my life, be respectful to others, and not to be judgmental. To put others before myself, and how to value education in our culture and in our day and age. I am proud to be who I am today, looking back seeing what a great family that I have been raised into. Though we have our times when we all seem to not understand each other, we share a fair amount of arguments; one thing that I can say positively about what they taught me, is how to be thankful.

This year I am blessed for many different reasons. I am blessed because I am growing closer to God. I joined a devotional group that meets every week at school, which has really helped me thus far. I am blessed because I am doing really well in school, and made the honor society for Psychology, a big honor. I am blessed because my family loves me, and cares for me so much. I am blessed because I am honored to have as many friendships that I have. Some that have been there for awhile, others in which are just blossoming. I am blessed because I have a wonderful, loving Fiance, who plans to stick around for a long while :] It's easy to lose track of all that God has freely given you, when the going gets tough. I can truly say today, that I am so blessed for all that God has given me. Here is the poem that I wrote this year, in honor of all that I am thankful for.

I am Blessed 11/25/09

I constantly am amazed, of how blessed I am under His name. It sounds so good to say, that I only want His way. No matter how much I feel that God is not near, He shows me that He has always been here. He has never gone anywhere, He has always been there to care; for not only me, but for my family, He has revealed how much He means to thee. When it's hard to believe, and figure out what he can possibly see in me; He shows me to focus on all His glory above, knowing that I am worthy of his love. What am I to do but praise the One, who has given us His holy Son. The most self-less, merciful, sacrificial act, which leads us all to humbly give back. He has given me not only good relationships: with family, friends, and my fiance; But He has also blessed me with a job and good grades, if you don't say. I constantly am amazed, of how blessed I am under His name!

Hope you all like it :]


Friday, November 20, 2009

Engagement Photos

Last month we went to take our engagement photos. We took them all in Pasadena at the Huntington Gardens, and then also by the city hall in downtown. They were taken by one of our good friends (Hannah Pedraza), and we were very pleased with the results. It seems that just one tiny step in the process of engagement has been accomplished; just another 50 or so other steps to go. We are looking forward to the holidays, and spending time with family.