Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our first

Lakers game!!! Last monday we went to our first Lakers game together. I got him tickets for Christmas so we could watch the Lakers and the Spurs play against each other. He told me awhile ago that he would love to see them play, so his wish came true. It not only was our first Laker game together, but it was our first time inside the Staple Center. Man, was that a BIG stadium! Of course, in case you were wondering, the Lakers won, which made the night all the more merrier ;] I've decided to make a pro and con list of the night.

Pros of game:
1.)No big tall guy (or girl) blocking our view
2.)Stadium seating, which was fabulous
3.)Had a great time together
4.)Got coupons for free tacos

Cons of game:
1.)No direct parking lot for the stadium
2.)Food options inside the stadium were very limited
3.)Band played throughout the game, and was very loud (since they were next to us)
4.)(This one is for Adam) Can you believe they still do the wave at a basketball game??

Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm glad we got to experience it together.
I will be posting pictures by the end of the night.

♥ to everyone,

Sunday, February 7, 2010


God is really teaching me patience. He is trying to teach me how to wait for answers patiently, not anxiously, which I typically do. It's so hard. This week Adam takes the ASVAB test to see if he places into the Navy. Depending on the results, will depend on whether or not we get married sooner or later. So what am I doing, anxiously waiting!! It's so hard to patiently wait, when it's something this big. We have put the results up to God. We really feel that no matter what God decides, it will be for the better, and all apart of His doing. As I was talking to Adam last night, and he mentioned he was feeling anxious about taking the test, I decided I could really use some encouragement from God. So after we hung up the phone I was reminded of 1 Samuel 12. This passage is where Nathan tells David that one of his children will die because of his sin he committed. He prays for his son, but yet his son dies. He goes into a state of mourning, and then rejoices. Nathan asks him, why are you rejoicing? When you heard of his death you were sad, and now you are rejoicing. David replies to him that he prayed to God, and God chose to take his life, but should he put down God's plan? It was apart of God's plan, so that is why he was rejoicing. You might be asking yourself, where am I going with this. Well, no matter what happens on Friday morning, we will rejoice in God's plan. If he passes then we will be happy that he passed. If he doesn't we will still be happy, because it wasn't meant to be, and was not our calling. This was really encouraging to me. I thank God that everytime I need Him for encouragement, He is there to provide it. He is so good! Please be praying for us! Thanks! ♥ Jasmine