Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally Some Good News!

I feel so relieved and glad that I finally have some good news to share to the world: Adam has an appointment for a physical!!! His physical appointment is scheduled for April 1st. On this date, we will find out if: one, he is healthy enough to join the Navy. Two, what jobs are available for him bassed on his score, and health. And lastly, what day he will ship out for boot camp, which is based on the job that he gets.

But......There still are prayers left to be done!! We need people to pray that there will be jobs available for him at this point. We also need people to pray that if this is the right direction for our lives, then it will all work out for God's glory. Lastly, if he passes, then this means that we most likely will be getting married in July, so pray that everything goes smoothly. I will update everyone once we officially know how his physical goes.

Please also be praying for me, and my well-being. I need prayer for school, as this semester has been really challenging for me. It has been challenging me not only mentally, but emotionally and physically, as my classes are all upper division. The work load is crazy, and some teachers just don't have any mercy!

Please be in constant prayer for the direction of mine and Adam's lives.
♥ to you all!!

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