Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Albert Ford Boucher

Losing someone is hard, expecially if that someone belongs in your family. It's not supposed to be easy, and it definitely is hard. Once you think you're over it, BAM something comes up and you're faced dealing with the emotions all over again. All these thoughts are running through my mind, as I just lost my Grandpa last Friday. It was very hard for me, as it was very sudden and unexpected. One day my mom told me that my Grandparents were sick, the next day my mom tells me that he is in ER, the next day he is having trouble breathing, and the next day he is barely holding on to life. How can someone who was doing fine just 3 weeks ago, all of a sudden be dead, just like that? MAybe there was something going on that no one knew about, maybe he wasn't being honest with his health, maybe it was just his time, but these maybe's could be going on for hours. The point is that for whatever reason, God felt that it was his time to go, and for that reason alone, we need to respect God's decision. God has a plan, and it's not to hurt us, harm us, but it's to forever dwell in His house. That's what my Grandpa is doing right now. He gets the pleasure, honor, and joy of living for eternity with God; he just beat us all in the race.

On one hand I feel peace that my Grandpa is in heaven with God; but on the other hand I am disappointed that he left earth too soon. I was really looking forward to him getting to see me get married this summer, and then to graduate from college this next year. These things bring sadness to my heart. He was looking forward to seeing me get married. He loved Adam, and told me on several occasions that I couldn't have found a better choice of a mate. Why Lord? Why? Why did you have to take him, when he was this excited for us/me? I just don't understand this aspect of it all. I just wish that he could be there.

But then on the other hand, I know that he will be there on my big day, looking down on Adam and I, giving us his blessing. I just hope that I will have the strength to get through these next couple of months, knowing that he won't be there to participate in any more major life events.

Lord please give me strength.

Rest In Peace in Heaven Grandpa, for you will always be in my ♥

In the dear memory of Albert Ford Boucher, April 23, 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Officially So Excited!

I am officially so excited for our wedding! You may ask why, and I will be delighted to tell you the reason. I found my dress!! Oh, it's so gorgeous beyond belief, it's perfect for me. My mom and I went dress shopping at David's Bridal on Sunday. We weren't sure if we would even find anything, but after trying on ONLY 6 dresses, the dress just came to me, or if you ask my mom it came to her. We are both couldn't be happier with my choice. She continually asked me over and over, "Are you sure this is the one?" In which every time I responded, "YES!! I'm sooo sure!!"
This delights me and puts a smile on my face :] Can not wait to walk down that aisle, seeing Adam's face, hoping he will be delighted with my choice (I think he will). This inspires me so much, and gives me hope that I can get through my finals, where I can devote most of my time to planning.
If you haven't been able to tell already,


Bring on July 16th baby!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our First Angels Game of the Season

YEAH for baseball season!! As you all know, we are big Angels fans. Let me rephrase this, Adam is the biggest Angels fan, and I am the biggest fan in progress. We went to our first game of the season last Thursday, April 8th. We won't be attending as much games this season, so we are picking and choosing carefully which games we will be attending. This is going to be rough for Adam, because we went to 15 games last season. Going from 15 to probably less than a handful is going to really tough for him, but I have faith that he can make it through! Unfortunately they lost the game, but overall it was a great game, even though they could have played better. Here below is a picture of the game (we didn't like how the pictures turned out of us).


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Encouragement from Above

I love how you cry out to God, and tell Him that you are frustrated, and then He brings you something that encourages you to calm your anxiety. He did that for me yesterday. Chapel was so good on East Campus yesterday, AMAZING!! The song choices were great, not only were the a great mix of upbeat and slow, but the lyrics spoke to my heart. One song in particular stuck out to me the most. It's call There is Hope, particularly this verse:

God has a plan.
It's not to harm me.
But it's to ever-dwell
in the house of my Great King.
No eye has ever seen,
all He has prepared there for me;
Though trials may come, I have this hope.

What an encouraging verse!! It really reminds that amidst my trials and tribulations, God has hope for me. He, and He alone, know what His plans are for me. So why should I fear, become anxious, or worry about the future, when God has prepared my future for me? I love how God works. Sometimes He works wonders, and sometimes He just makes you laugh. That's what He's doing for me right now (at least I can laugh about it!).

Just thought I'd share this encouragement for you all! ♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of my hands

Oh how I wish that I could control my fate, my destiny, my plans, and ultimately my life! If that could be, man we would be in good shape! I'd have it all together, I would be where I want to be in this point of my life, I'd go to grad school, be married, and be well on my way to a good future! If, and only if this would be true. However, God is in control, and apparently He knows the direction my life is going, but just hasn't made it apparent to both Adam and I. WHY?? I so wish He would!! In case you haven't noticed, Adam's physical got post-poned for the 3rd time to next Tuesday because of mistakes they made, not us. This has been so frustrating, you do not even know! My question is, do I still have to learn about this patience crap? When do I not have to learn about patience, and finally have some beneficial answers?? WHEN?? It seems that every two steps forward we get in this military process, we get one step back, never really making any true progress. So, during craft time yesterday with my dear grandma while we were talking about any current news on the Adam's physical she asks me, "Could this might mean that God does not want you to go down this path, Jasmine?' And I responded right back to her, "I do not know grandma, only God knows. This could mean one of two things to me. One, either God does not want us to go down this path as you say. Or two, that God is teaching us patience." She agreed. I just wonder if God is getting any laughter or enjoyment out of making us wait 3 months to find out any worth while news on the military decision. I sure hope so, because if not, it's just cruel ;] Please keep praying for the direction of our life, and that God would direct us down the right path! Also that we would keep our faith and hope alive during this tough time of decisions!