Thursday, April 8, 2010

Encouragement from Above

I love how you cry out to God, and tell Him that you are frustrated, and then He brings you something that encourages you to calm your anxiety. He did that for me yesterday. Chapel was so good on East Campus yesterday, AMAZING!! The song choices were great, not only were the a great mix of upbeat and slow, but the lyrics spoke to my heart. One song in particular stuck out to me the most. It's call There is Hope, particularly this verse:

God has a plan.
It's not to harm me.
But it's to ever-dwell
in the house of my Great King.
No eye has ever seen,
all He has prepared there for me;
Though trials may come, I have this hope.

What an encouraging verse!! It really reminds that amidst my trials and tribulations, God has hope for me. He, and He alone, know what His plans are for me. So why should I fear, become anxious, or worry about the future, when God has prepared my future for me? I love how God works. Sometimes He works wonders, and sometimes He just makes you laugh. That's what He's doing for me right now (at least I can laugh about it!).

Just thought I'd share this encouragement for you all! ♥

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