Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our First Angels Game of the Season

YEAH for baseball season!! As you all know, we are big Angels fans. Let me rephrase this, Adam is the biggest Angels fan, and I am the biggest fan in progress. We went to our first game of the season last Thursday, April 8th. We won't be attending as much games this season, so we are picking and choosing carefully which games we will be attending. This is going to be rough for Adam, because we went to 15 games last season. Going from 15 to probably less than a handful is going to really tough for him, but I have faith that he can make it through! Unfortunately they lost the game, but overall it was a great game, even though they could have played better. Here below is a picture of the game (we didn't like how the pictures turned out of us).



  1. Totally jealous. The boy doesn't like any sports. :( I got your save the date though. Cute :)

  2. Haha, don't be too jealous ;] No, all jokes aside, I like it, just not too intense.

    Thanks! I had fun making them!