Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of my hands

Oh how I wish that I could control my fate, my destiny, my plans, and ultimately my life! If that could be, man we would be in good shape! I'd have it all together, I would be where I want to be in this point of my life, I'd go to grad school, be married, and be well on my way to a good future! If, and only if this would be true. However, God is in control, and apparently He knows the direction my life is going, but just hasn't made it apparent to both Adam and I. WHY?? I so wish He would!! In case you haven't noticed, Adam's physical got post-poned for the 3rd time to next Tuesday because of mistakes they made, not us. This has been so frustrating, you do not even know! My question is, do I still have to learn about this patience crap? When do I not have to learn about patience, and finally have some beneficial answers?? WHEN?? It seems that every two steps forward we get in this military process, we get one step back, never really making any true progress. So, during craft time yesterday with my dear grandma while we were talking about any current news on the Adam's physical she asks me, "Could this might mean that God does not want you to go down this path, Jasmine?' And I responded right back to her, "I do not know grandma, only God knows. This could mean one of two things to me. One, either God does not want us to go down this path as you say. Or two, that God is teaching us patience." She agreed. I just wonder if God is getting any laughter or enjoyment out of making us wait 3 months to find out any worth while news on the military decision. I sure hope so, because if not, it's just cruel ;] Please keep praying for the direction of our life, and that God would direct us down the right path! Also that we would keep our faith and hope alive during this tough time of decisions!


  1. Adam & Jasmine-

    I just wanted to encourage you guys in the decisions you make about your future in regards to the Military. Being an Army wife for the past 2 years, I have learned nothing is easy. Even the simple little steps and information I need to make decisions for my life revolve around the Army & US Government. One thing to keep in mind is that this wont stop once Adam takes his physical. Your getting a very small taste (VERY SMALL!) of what life is like being in the Military. No matter what branch you serve in, all are run by our government who really has no idea what they are doing. I'm not sure I know of anyone in the miltary (army, navy, marine or coast guard) that hasn't experienced this type of thing in some form or another. But it really happends in every encounter. My husband, Brock, returned home from training to recieve orders to deployed to Afghanistan. That was it, no idea when, for how long, etc... It took a good month to figure out when he was leaving, and now that he has been gone for 2 months, I still don't even know when he is expected to return. His platoon is still waiting to be sent overseas and are stations in Mississippi for the time being with no word as to when they will leave. I don't know where he will be when our baby is born, or when he will even get the word that he has! It's all very frustrating and I more then understand where you are coming from. But I think what makes it easier on me is knowing that my husband is fighing to keep me and my family safe from terrorist, or anything else coming here to American soil. And I'm so greatful for that. While we don't always understand what's going on, or why they are making choices or messing up here or there, this is what he signed up for. Keep that in mind. I would really encourage you guys to be on the same page in the decision making. Don't rush into going into serving your country if you aren't FULLY sure this is what Adam is passionate about doing, and that you, as his future wife, FULLY support him. Yes, there will be hard, FRUSTRATING times. But keeping mind that this is the reality of his job, and uncertinty and waiting is the only certain thing, you can live easier with those hoops you have to jump thru.

    While i didn't have to plan or postpone my wedding based on the out come of my husbands testing & such, I do understand as we are having a baby and knowing the Brock will not be here. And I'm sure we will have many more children that may be born while he is abroad, but that's Military life. This is what your signing yourself up for. PLEASE take the time to pray about this decision. One last piece of advice. Never let your frustration with things not going your way, or being put on hold, etc... turn into resentment toward Adam. Make sure this is a commitment you decide to do together. Your soldier will need all the support & love you can give him to get thru long hours, times away from home, bad food and poor leadership. But making the decision to support and fight for your country is an amzing sacrifice. HOOOAH!

    -Deanna Buoniconti

  2. Thank you so much for this encouraging advice. Everything you said made absolute sense, and I'm glad I got to hear if from an army wife, someone who experiences it first hand.

    We definitely are getting a taste of how the government works, and I can tell you one bit that I don't like it. I am willing to support Adam in whatever he does, or wants to do, but it's just hard not having answers and not knowing what's happening. I think that will be the hardest thing for me to learn, as well as Adam too, as we both are planners.

    But if it's what he is passionate about doing, then I will be his supporter. So really you don't have any idea how long he is to be gone for or when he leaves? I thought they had to give you a 6 month warning for any branch when you are to be deployed?? At least that's what they tell you during the enlistment part. I really ask them questions and make sure they answer them, and show me the evidence. I just think that if all goes well with this, and we do do this, I think that the hardest part is if we was to be away for a child being born. That would be so hard for me. But like you said, you can't resent him, because you know that going into it.

    Any, and all advice you have will be welcomed!! :] I would love to hear it! I need to know these things.

  3. When he was first told he was being deployed, we weren't sure when he was leaving. Then we found out it was in the spring, May, June, etc... even up to a couple weeks before he actually left for training we didn't know an exact day. And no, I have not idea when he will be home. His orders are for 400 days. But it really doesn't matter what those say in the end!
    I would't take everything they say as it WILL happen that way. Don't get your hopes up, or believe everything will happen the way they say.

    Good luck to you guys.


  4. Thank you so much for your advice it really puts some perspective on things. I really really appreciate it!! Take care!