Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About time...

That I'm done with this semester!! I praise God that He guided me through these last two weeks. It's funny how when you look back on anxious tribulations in your life, you can see how God faithfully walks you through them. God has been so faithful to me.

Now that school is done until September, guess what this means?? My time is going to be filled with wedding planning! I am so excited to plan and be crafty. This is the perfect treat for me finishing up my semester strong!

Here's some of my plans for this summer:
~Wedding planning
~Packing stuff up in my room
~Trip to San Diego Zoo
~Visits to Ocean Side
~Wedding planning
~Extracurricular reading (haven't done this since last summer!!!)
~Doing some fun crafts
~Wedding planning
~Watching movies
~Putting my new music on my itouch
~Getting married♥

Hope everyone is taking care of themselves, because I'm on the road to positivity :)

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