Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day of Preparation for Our Future

If for any reason at all during my life I have not felt blessed, my Bridal Shower was definitely a day of remembrance of how blessed I really am. It was so great to have so many special women in my presence, who have blessed my life by knowing either Adam or I. I have never really had a day that has been all about me. Yes, you're probably saying "Haven't you had birthdays?" And the answer would be, yes. However, no birthday could compare with how amazing the bridal shower made me feel; a day to help prepare my future life with Adam. I was very nervous going into it, but got calmed down once the day carried on. People might not have been able to interpret my emotions or expressions, but on the inside, all I was feeling was a genuine feeling of humility, grace, joy, and excitement. Thanks to everyone who made this day so very special, and dear to my heart. Everyone's thoughtfulness really was/is appreciated!

On a further note, the wedding is(very soon to be) two weeks away!!!!!! If you can not tell, I am sooooo excited!!!! :)

Here are some photos from the day:

~ During the gift-opening ~

~ Me and my ribbon bouquet ~

~ My Maid-of-Honor, Hannah Pedraza, and I ~

~ Me and my Mom, Peggy ~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding bells are in the distance

Time is flying by, and we can now hear wedding bells in the distance, as there are only 28 days until our special day ♥ There are only four weeks, going on three left for us to prepare for this monumental part in our lives. As time is flying by, I thought I would give an update on our achievements thus far.

~Tulle has been cut
~Candles have been trimmed
~Centerpieces have been boxed up and are ready to go
~Signs have been made
~Cups have been assembled
~Ribbons have been tied
~Flower arrangements & bouquets have been picked out
~Veil has been made
~Dress has been picked up :]
~Tuxedo's have been decided on

Much, much more has been done, and our lists have been slowly decreasing. Only a few more items are left on our list!

I still think about our big day, and get the butterflies inside! ♥ Love is in the air, can you feel it??!!??

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My life has changed

My life has been changed ever since I met Adam. Two years ago today, Adam asked me to date him, and I agreed. Since then, we have grown more and more closer together, and can not seem to grow tired of each other. Thinking back today on the memories that started our relationship history, brings so many wonderful blessings to mind. I can't believe that God brought us together, and has blessed us with an incredible mutual love for each other.

Last year, after our one year anniversary of dating, I told Adam that I wanted to plan the next years day of events, since Adam had planned that one. So this is what we did today. We started off by going to the 8:30 am church service at my church. Then after the church service, we basically mocked our first date, by going to Legends in Upland, where we met for the first time, and talked over a shared drink. We followed it up by going to Alexander Hughes Park in Claremont by my house, which we also did on the day we met. This brought back so many memories for us. :] While we were at the park we had some very good conversations. We talked about how we were feeling the day we met each other, and if we both were ready to get married, in just ONE month!! [so exciting!!] We then headed down to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. We walked around and looked in all the shops that we were interested in, and enjoyed the company of each other. At 12:45pm we headed to the House of Blues, where we were attending their Gospel Brunch [we bought the tickets for this with our Coke Rewards]. We both were starving by the time we were allowed inside, and immediately headed to the buffet line, which there was a pretty broad variety of some great food! How the brunch works, is there is an hour of eating food, and an hour of show. The show was pretty good, as we both didn't know what to expect. The singers were amazing, and it was great to be in this kind of fellowship with other believers, in DISNEYLAND. This was pretty cool! We then left back for my house, and went on a walk before Adam had to leave to go to work to do inventory.

All-in-all, we had a very good day with each other, enjoying each others' company throughout the entirety of the day. I can't believe that we both have been dating for two years, and are about to embark in a new journey of our lives, together. Can't believe we found each other :]

Here are some pictures of our day:

The booth we were sitting at the day we met

In Downtown Disney, under the 50th Anniversary sign

An image of my second round to the buffet :]

A view from our seats of the gospel family group that was performing. [The only pic they were not moving around!]

The host of the Gospel Brunch. [Adam asked me, "Is that what your wedding dress is gonna look like?" I responded, "Only the hat." ;]

A pic of us after the show, of us and our great seats!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Because you have a voice, let it be heard! It's so important to vote. I get so tired of people complaining about problems that California is facing, yet when you ask them if they vote, they say, "No. My vote won't count, anyways." YES IT WILL!! If everyone had this type of attitude, would California EVER change?? NO!! That is such a FALSE lie that your vote will not count, because if everyone believed that lie, then and only then would it be true, because no one would be voting. BUT, because not everyone does this, your voice counts! EVERY vote counts! If you want something to change, then vote. If you want a different political person in office, then vote. If you want to see change, then vote. BUT, you do not have the right to complain, if you will not exercise our freedom to let our opinions be heard, if you do vote. SO many people take advantage of this freedom that we Americans have. Not only do I see young adults take advantage of this freedom, but older adults, too. Younger adults excuses usually are, "My vote won't count. Or I do not know anything about politics" And older adults excuses are, "California has been the same since I was younger, and it will always be this way." My defense to the younger adults is, if you don't know anything about politics, THEN EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THEM!!! My defense to the older adults, is if you have this type of mentality, then yes, California will always be the same, so get rid of this type of mentality, and exercise your freedom to vote!! These are invalid excuses (and the keyword is excuse). So many people fought to get this freedom for all Americans, yet so many people take advantage of it. We are so privileged here in America to have this freedom, because so many other people in this world do NOT have this freedom.

You may ask me, "What brought you to feel this way today?" Well I overheard some people talking at work. One lady asked a young girl, "Did you vote," to which she responded, "On what?" WOW, how naive can you be? All the T.V. commercials have been politically based, and she has no clue that today is election day???!!?? WOW. The conversation then continued, to which the girl asked another girl sitting next to her, "Do you vote?" And she responded "No. I don't vote. I only vote for presidential candidates, and the first one I had in awhile was this last one." The young girl said, "Is that because he was black?" And the girl said, "Yes" and laughed (because she is black, as well). To me, that response just gets under my bones, and makes me so furious! I do not understand the concept of voting for some one, just because they share the same skin color as you. That is just wrong. And yes, I did say it! Don't vote for someone because they share this commonality with you, vote for someone because they have the same views as you, they believe the same things as you, and they take a stand for what you take a stand for. NOT FOR SKIN COLOR!!

If you do not vote, then you have no right to complain about issues that keep arising in California. If you complain about high taxes; politicians that are making so much money, yet the rest of California is struggling; unfair issues with welfare; pro-life issues, and you do NOT vote, then BE QUIET!!! This is basically what you are doing by not voting. You are telling the world that you do not care, and you do not want your voice to be heard, yet all of us have to hear your voices complain. So why do you not put your complaints down in the poles?? That would be much better use of yours and our time (of those who vote). It doesn't matter which way you vote, I do not care about that, just vote. Educate yourself about the issues at stake, and about the politicians that are running; it's really not that hard to do. God made each of us unique with our own unique individuality. Show everyone your individuality, and VOTE!

Sorry if any of this sounds harsh, I just had to get this out to the world.

I voted, did you?