Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day of Preparation for Our Future

If for any reason at all during my life I have not felt blessed, my Bridal Shower was definitely a day of remembrance of how blessed I really am. It was so great to have so many special women in my presence, who have blessed my life by knowing either Adam or I. I have never really had a day that has been all about me. Yes, you're probably saying "Haven't you had birthdays?" And the answer would be, yes. However, no birthday could compare with how amazing the bridal shower made me feel; a day to help prepare my future life with Adam. I was very nervous going into it, but got calmed down once the day carried on. People might not have been able to interpret my emotions or expressions, but on the inside, all I was feeling was a genuine feeling of humility, grace, joy, and excitement. Thanks to everyone who made this day so very special, and dear to my heart. Everyone's thoughtfulness really was/is appreciated!

On a further note, the wedding is(very soon to be) two weeks away!!!!!! If you can not tell, I am sooooo excited!!!! :)

Here are some photos from the day:

~ During the gift-opening ~

~ Me and my ribbon bouquet ~

~ My Maid-of-Honor, Hannah Pedraza, and I ~

~ Me and my Mom, Peggy ~

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