Sunday, June 13, 2010

My life has changed

My life has been changed ever since I met Adam. Two years ago today, Adam asked me to date him, and I agreed. Since then, we have grown more and more closer together, and can not seem to grow tired of each other. Thinking back today on the memories that started our relationship history, brings so many wonderful blessings to mind. I can't believe that God brought us together, and has blessed us with an incredible mutual love for each other.

Last year, after our one year anniversary of dating, I told Adam that I wanted to plan the next years day of events, since Adam had planned that one. So this is what we did today. We started off by going to the 8:30 am church service at my church. Then after the church service, we basically mocked our first date, by going to Legends in Upland, where we met for the first time, and talked over a shared drink. We followed it up by going to Alexander Hughes Park in Claremont by my house, which we also did on the day we met. This brought back so many memories for us. :] While we were at the park we had some very good conversations. We talked about how we were feeling the day we met each other, and if we both were ready to get married, in just ONE month!! [so exciting!!] We then headed down to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. We walked around and looked in all the shops that we were interested in, and enjoyed the company of each other. At 12:45pm we headed to the House of Blues, where we were attending their Gospel Brunch [we bought the tickets for this with our Coke Rewards]. We both were starving by the time we were allowed inside, and immediately headed to the buffet line, which there was a pretty broad variety of some great food! How the brunch works, is there is an hour of eating food, and an hour of show. The show was pretty good, as we both didn't know what to expect. The singers were amazing, and it was great to be in this kind of fellowship with other believers, in DISNEYLAND. This was pretty cool! We then left back for my house, and went on a walk before Adam had to leave to go to work to do inventory.

All-in-all, we had a very good day with each other, enjoying each others' company throughout the entirety of the day. I can't believe that we both have been dating for two years, and are about to embark in a new journey of our lives, together. Can't believe we found each other :]

Here are some pictures of our day:

The booth we were sitting at the day we met

In Downtown Disney, under the 50th Anniversary sign

An image of my second round to the buffet :]

A view from our seats of the gospel family group that was performing. [The only pic they were not moving around!]

The host of the Gospel Brunch. [Adam asked me, "Is that what your wedding dress is gonna look like?" I responded, "Only the hat." ;]

A pic of us after the show, of us and our great seats!

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