Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding bells are in the distance

Time is flying by, and we can now hear wedding bells in the distance, as there are only 28 days until our special day ♥ There are only four weeks, going on three left for us to prepare for this monumental part in our lives. As time is flying by, I thought I would give an update on our achievements thus far.

~Tulle has been cut
~Candles have been trimmed
~Centerpieces have been boxed up and are ready to go
~Signs have been made
~Cups have been assembled
~Ribbons have been tied
~Flower arrangements & bouquets have been picked out
~Veil has been made
~Dress has been picked up :]
~Tuxedo's have been decided on

Much, much more has been done, and our lists have been slowly decreasing. Only a few more items are left on our list!

I still think about our big day, and get the butterflies inside! ♥ Love is in the air, can you feel it??!!??

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