Monday, August 30, 2010

Jammin' Peach Jam

Growing up, my mom jammed all the time. She was most famous for (among our immediate family & friends) for her plum jam. It was amazing!! I have so many fond memories of watching my mom jam, licking the spoons, and helping her out as much as I can.

With that being said, my grandma gave us both some white peaches from her friends tree at my grandpa's birthday dinner. I was originally going to make peach pie with my portion of the peaches, and experiment with making different kinds of pie. However, my mom gave me the idea to combine our peaches, and make peach jam. The results were amazing!! Plus, we had so much fun in the process!! It will be a lot of fun baking, jamming, and cooking with my mom, now that I am a married woman. I am looking forward to making some good & yummy memories with my mom!! Love you mom! :)

Recipe for Jammin' Peach Jam

1. Wash your canning jars in hot, boiling water (it makes about 6, 8 ounce jars of jam).
2. Dry and set aside.
3. Keep jars & lids heated in boiling hot water.
4. Fill pan half-full with water.
5. Peel & pit peaches until you have 5 cups of peaches (cut or puree until desired consistency).
6. Combine the peaches with 1 cup of water or unsweetened fruit juice (we used white cranberry peach juice in our jam)and 1/4 cup lemon juice in a 6-8 quart sauce pot.
7. Gradually stir in pectin (so you do not get it lumpy), and bring to a full boil over high heat, stirring constantly (so you do not burn the bottom of the pan).
8. Laddle hot jam into hot jars, one at a time, leaving 1/4 inch head-space. Wipe rim & threads with a clean, damp cloth.
9. Place each jar upside down on a cutting board, until they have fully-cooled for 24 hours.
10. Enjoy!

~A view of our results, in the upside-down position.~

~A close-up view of the consistency we chose for our jam.~

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