Friday, September 3, 2010

Our First Married Mini-Vacation

A month after we had gotten married, we embarked on our first married adventure together, being a mini-vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a short three day stay, but it was a much needed time to relax. We both just happened to have the same days off (for once), so we thought, "How about we get away to Vegas?" and we both soon realized that was a good thought! :)

We stayed the first night with his grandma in Henderson, Nevada. The following morning we enjoyed the morning with her, by helping her out with a few things, and eating lunch with her, and Adam's uncle; which pretty much made her week. :) We then went to check into the Stratosphere, which we stayed at that night. We really loved the pool at this hotel, and had fun playing water volleyball with each other. We explored the top of the Stratosphere, which we had done with each other, two years prior, which brought back some sweet memories! Except, for this time, we got to explore it at night, instead of during the day. The Vegas strip looks so exciting at night! The next day we checked into the Riviera, which we stayed at our last night. We were really fond of our room at the Riviera, in comparison to our room at the Stratosphere. We then explored the northern end of the strip, and stopped in the Paris hotel, where I gambled for the first time. Boy did that get my heart beating fast! That night, we then went to a lame comedy show at the Sahara, called The Comedy Stop. We were kind of disappointed with it, but what can you expect when you rely on a clerk's opinion of it, rather than a family member or a friend's advice, when all they want to do is make a sale. On the way home the next day, we stopped at Alien Beef Jerky (on the way home), and at lunch at a Greek Restaurant, which surprised me and had everything from Mexican, to American, and Greek (couldn't tell from the name).

Overall, we had a really great time, experiencing vacations & getaways as a married couple, rather than a dating couple. It definitely is different getting used to being a married couple (not in any bad way), but we sure do love embarking on adventure's together!

Here are a few photos of our getaway:

~The Vegas strip during the day.~

~The Vegas strip at night~

~I would love to ride one of these one day, at the Venetian Hotel...~

~The Paris Hotel, where I gambled for the first time.~

We sure have been enjoying our summer; too bad school has to start next week :(


  1. SOmething I love about the two of stop and help people on your "vacation." You are a wonderful couple!

  2. When I went at the top of the Stratosphere, we went on the tall ride that goes straight up. It was amazing to see the view from even farther up.
    Glad you guys could keep Grandma company and had a great time. I'm still to afraid to Gamble. When I went in the beginning of Aug I just couldn't do it.

  3. Shannan, that's funny that you can't gamble. It's not horrible, but you have to know yourself to know how far is too far. The only one that I might ever consider, is the ride you went on, but that's it.