Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scrabble Fun

As a wedding shower gift, my MOH (Maid of Honor) Hannah, gave Adam and I some games that we could play with each other over the course of our marriage. For the first month of marriage, we didn't have much time to play, as we were getting settled into our apartment.
Fortunately, during our second month of marriage we were able to enjoy this gift. Adam never had much interest in Scrabble when we were dating, but I love the change, and the challenge! We've enjoyed a couple of "tournaments" with each other. The first time we played, we told each other that we could use the dictionary, but the second time we played we agreed on only using it if we know the word, but cannot remember how to spell it. The second way makes the game more challenging, which we like.
Here is a picture of one of our tournaments, where I won :) it is actually one of the only times I have seen the whole board fully occupied.
We have been loving free time with each other!!

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