Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our lives in a nutshell

Since we do not have internet in our apartment, I have not been able to update people on our lives as often as I would like to. So, here is an update on everything that has occurred, and will soon be occurring in our lives.
My fall semester of school started in early September, which is my second to last semester left of school. I am SO glad that it is almost over, as it occupies much of my time, but also takes away time from Adam and I. The only thought that runs in my mind, is "just one more semester left. Just one more semester left..." As a Cooney family tradition, my mom always took a picture of us on our first day of school, so it was Adam's job this semester to take my picture. For one of my classes I am required to volunteer at a site of my choice. This is to introduce me to my field of Psychology. Since Psychology is so wide-spread, there are so many avenues that one can go into. I chose to volunteer at a special-needs school in Claremont, called Danbury Elementary. The kids are so adorable, and I love them all so much. It is such a blessing to see them every week, which is why I am continuing to volunteer next semester, and take the second semester of the course! Here's a picture of most of the class along with the teacher and her aid
Apartment We live in the beautiful city of Upland, CA. We explored the city during the first few months, and love out cute, but small city! Since we got a 6 month lease on our apartment, our lease is up at the end of December. It feels as if we just moved in to our apartment, and now I am dreading the approaching move. This, however, is the least of our worries! We really enjoyed staying in our apartment and were very fortunate to have such a great neighbor. She is an older women, who is the sweetest and kindest lady on the planet. Her only down fall is that she feeds Opossums, which basically are domesticated. So every night we have 5 Opossums that walk along our back wall that make us unable to enjoy our patio. A couple of months ago one of the Opossums had babies, and I never thought that I would admit it, but they were so cute! Check them out: Fun

My mom's favorite movie of all-time is The Sound of Music. I went with her and a bunch of her lady friends to the Sound of Music Singalong at the Hollywood Bowl. It was so much fun. You would be surprised at how many people actually dress up to go. We didn't know if people dressed up, so we all chose not to. However, if I go again, I would be a crazy one and dress up!! Here's my mom and I before the event started. Can't wait until I have a little one to dress up along with me! :) Navy

I know that a lot of people have been asking me questions regarding Adam and the Navy. We are both anxiously awaiting for the arrival of his boot-camp on February 22nd. As much as I do not want this day to come, I am starting to think of more of the positives regarding this decision in our lives. I have come to peace with it, but still do not want to be away from my hubby! I will graduate from APU in the middle of May, and Adam will be all done with training by the end of May; so it works out great! We will not know until probably May where our housing assignment will be, which is a big bummer. We hope that we get San Diego, but it is not a sure thing. We will just have to wait and see...


Two weeks ago we went up to visit Adam's brother and sister-in-law, Shawn & Laura, in Redding, CA during Veterans Weekend. We saved our recycling money and change to pay for the gas for the whole trip. We love recycling!! We had a great time with them up. While we were there we celebrated Laura's birthday with her, saw Shasta Lake, explored Whiskey Town, and walked along the Sundial Bridge. Laura and I also baked cupcakes and cookies, and it was so much fun; also because they came out real yummy! It was a great nature-filled weekend with them; just wish I could of done more walking. It was fun getting to know them more, and will be fun getting to know them more in the future, too. We are so excited for the arrival of our niece in February!! :) Here are some pictures of time up there: ~Laura and her birthday presents~

~The beautiful lake!~ ~The waterfall~ ~The Dam~


I have been enjoying making yummy meals for my hubby! We have been using the crockpot pretty regularly now! I also have been utilizing my cook book's and recipes that I have gotten from friends and family. It is so fun making meals that come out so great and that get a big OK from the hubby!! I love cooking for him :)

The Holidays

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are spending the first half of the day with the Zickefoose side and the second half of the day with the Cooney side. We have a lot to be thankful for this year:

~God's love that is evident in our lives

~A beautiful marriage ♥

~An apartment, with a great neighbor

~A niece on the way!!

~Family support

~Great friends

and the list can continue!!

We are enjoying our lives together, and cannot imagine our lives being any other way; month 5 is on it's way!! :)