Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friends are a Gift From God

Friends are God's gift to bless us with encouragement, advice, love, blessings, and so much more. A couple of weeks ago, I finally was able to visit with my good friend Christine. I have known her for going on 13 years. As I just calculated that in my head, I realize that it has been a long time! She started out as my a leader on a choir tour that I went on in 6th grade. I got the privilege to ride in her bus. She then became my mentor in junior high, giving me so much encouragement, advice, and always being willing to give a listening ear. I have been so thankful for her over the years! I then had the honor to be a guest book attendee at her lovely wedding, and she blessed Adam and I by being the pastor to marry us at ours. As time passed by, and her family grew in size every couple years, (and is still in the process of growing!!) it's been hard to have regular visits to catch up and chat. Three weeks ago was finally the time to change all of that. As I had babysat her eldest son, Nate, I never had the honor to meet her youngest, Taylor. It was so fun to hang out and play with her kids, have lunch with them, and to also catch up with Christine, which has been way overdue! As time will continue to fly right on by, I still hope we will be able to find time to catch up. Cannot wait for the next visit! God certainly has blessed we with a wise friend! :)

Here are some pictures of her kids:

Lover her in her glasses!!!


  1. So finally had time to catch up on your blog and wanted to thank you for saying such nice things about me. You have been on my heart this past week as I know you and Adam are getting closer and closer to him leaving. I will be praying for you! Know that our house is ALWAYS open to you. I am just as blessed to have you in my life!

  2. Thanks Christine for always being there. Everything I have said is true and comes from the heart :) Thanks for the offer, too, might just take you up on it! Prayers are always welcome too and greatly appreciated!