Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Brings New Beginnings.

Thinking back on this past year, there is a lot that Adam and I have to be thankful for.

~Embarking in the beautiful gift of marriage that God offers to us. It's been (almost) 6 months already!! :D
~Hearing the amazing news of having our first niece on the way!!
~Being debt-free
~Having loving and caring families!
~Having a roof over our heads; whether it was in our first apartment or now in my in-law's house
(These are just the big ones!!)

As always, an end of a year brings about a brand new year. As each year goes by, new challenges, opportunities, and sometimes new beginnings come about. This will be the case in our lives as 2010 has ended and we welcome 2011. We both know that 2011 will bring about new challenges, potential for great opportunities, and a brand new beginning to our lives as a married couple.

We are preparing for our lives to change drastically, as the count down to Adam's basic training is just 6 weeks away! It originally felt like it would take forever to arrive, however, it is rapidly approaching.

What started as a rough journey is now becoming easier to understand. I know my life as a sailor's wife hasn't "officially" began, but I am beginning to learn that this can be a great opportunity for my life. I am trying to look at this as an optimistic, knowing that God can use this to completely revitalize, restore, and re energize my relationship with Him. In this way, I will learn how to fully rely on God and trust Him with all of my heart and nothing less. What I thought at first would be terrible, I now am realizing can be used for the greater good. I don't expect this to be an easy task, but at least I am coming to this realization now.

Not only am I seeing that it will be great for my life, but for Adam's life, too. I know that this will develop Adam into the man that God intended for him to be since birth. God has a plan for our lives, which he developed before we both were in our mothers' wombs. He already knows what this journey will entail, we just need to begin it. I can't wait to look back later in life and say, "This was exactly what I needed to experience to become who I am today. God is good!"

However, as a couple, I think it will be the hardest. This is where trusting God will be the most crucial element for succeeding within this opportunity. There will be a lot of challenges that will come about from Adam joining the Navy, but as a couple, and with both of us keeping God in the center of our lives, we can prevail. As we both will be away from each other for long periods of time, God will never, ever leave either one of us, and that is the reassurance that I need.

Big events we look forward to in 2011 are:
~The arrival of our niece
~Adam graduating from basic training in the Navy
~Finding out where our "home" base will be
~Me graduating from with honors from APU, with a bachelor's degree in Psychology

We cannot be sure what 2011 will bring, but we are trusting and relying in God. We welcome all prayers for our future!

We love you all, and wish that everyone has a healthy and loving 2011!

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