Monday, February 28, 2011

Adam's Address

If you are interested in writing mail to Adam, which I know would encourage him deeply, I have posted his address below for you to use. Make sure that it is in this exact format, or it will not be sent correctly. I appreciate you caring for him during this hard time.

SHIP 03 DIV 147
GREAT LAKES, IL 60088-3156

**Please note that he is ONLY allowed letters and cards, NO food or ANY OTHER ITEMS**

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just What I Needed

I have been so encouraged by family & friends, and it has only been 2 days since Adam has been at boot camp!! One of my friends in particular from APU, Natalie, really touched my heart by her encouraging words. She sent me a long email, and one thing really encouraged me. She said,

"Honestly, if anyone can handle this it is definitely you. You are really strong, and Im not just saying that. You can hold your own and be strong and independent when the time calls for it."

I really appreciate her encouraging words. Even just the fact that she sent me the email, I was encourgaged enough; the words she expressed on the email was just a bonus!! Thanks Nat!! I really appreciate, not just her, but all my family & friends caring words so far!

Another encouraging thing was the Jeremy Camp concert my brother and I went to on Friday. I have loved Jeremy Camp since, FOREVER, and have seen him in concert before, but this time it was different. Listening to Jeremy Camp is what has made my attitude and emotions held together so strong the last couple of months. I knew that I needed to hear his music yesterday, which is why I asked my brother to come with me. Not to my surprise at all, his music really moved me, and touched me in ways that is hard to describe, but I'll try. He sings a song entitled, Walk by Faith. I knew the words to the song before coming to the concert, but I guess I just forgot them at that very moment. Before he sang the song he opened it up with these words: "If you are doubting God in your life, for some reason or another, do not look at the brokenness in all your life. Instead, look at all the times that God has been faithful." I felt as if he was talking direcly to me at that very moment. Then he sang the song. I couldn't even sing the words, because I felt so convicted. Here are the lyrics:

Would I believe you when you would say Your hand will guide my every way Will I receive the words You say Every moment of every day [chorus] Well I will walk by faith Even when I cannot see Well because this broken road Prepares Your will for me Help me to win my endless fears You've been so faithful for all my years With one breath You make me new Your grace covers all I do yeah, yeah , yeah, yeah, yeah, ya [chorus] Well I'm broken- but I still see Your face Well You've spoken- pouring Your words of grace"

It's not as if I am doubting Gods existence, but rather doubting that God will get us both through these times ahead of us. God spoke to me during the 1st line of the song. At that point I was balling in tears. God was telling me that I have not even been believing that He is compable of getting us both through these times. I am doubting God's capabilities when I think thoughts that tell me that I am all alone, and am living in fear. But, how dare I doubt God's abilities! God is bigger than my problems! God has had my life planned since before I was conceived; He has gone through my life. He knows what is to come tomorrow, next week, five years from now, and thirty. God is bigger than the box we try to confine Him to. He made the whole world; every creature on the planet. He cared for me so much, that He would create me. Now why don't I think he would care for me now? He has been SO faithful to me in my life, why do I think He will all of a sudden let me down now?

Please be reminded of this verse, Mathew 19:26 "With God all things are possible." There are three keys words that consist of this verse: with, all, are. When we are WITH God, ALL things ARE possible. Therefore, it means that nothing is impossible when we are with God. However, without God, all things are not possible: we have to be with God for all things to be possible. I thank God for speaking to me so vividly during this worship experience. I love our God, because He is so good!!!

Here are some pics:

I soak up every opportunity to wear my rain boots; it was pouring before/after

(no pun intended :)

His amazing performance

During the concert; so excited!

Please continue to be in prayer for Adam & I. Thanks!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Beginning

The time has finally come. That time that we have been dreading, but also looking forward to. Dreading, because we'll be apart from each other; looking forward, because our lives together will finally "begin." I had to say, not goodbye, but "until the end of April" to the love of my life on Wednesday morning. You might say, isn't that just 2 months, and my response would be "Have you had to do that before?" It would be hard if it was even a week. When you are best friends with someone, let alone they are the love of your life, it just makes it all the more complicated. Adam left for bootcamp yesterday, Thursday, and arrived there at about 7pm our time, 9 pm Illinois time. There are many things that we are looking forward to because of this life decision. We are looking forward to finding out where we will be stationed, and crossing our fingers for San Diego. We are looking forward, to possibly doing some travelling. So many other things run my mind, but these are the two that stick out the most. Bad thoughts fill my head, that say that things won't work out, or that he might get hurt etc. However, I cannout let the devil take control of my thoughts. I am, instead, using this challenge as an opportunity to grow closer to God. To get to a stage in our relationship, where I am fully relying on Him, where I am in constant communication with Him, through prayer and study of His word. This will also be a time for Adam and I to grow closer together, too. Where we will learn to fully trust each other, love each other on a different level than we have before, and learn to put God before eachother, more. Just to see how encouraging he is, here is the final note he left me, on FB, just what I needed to hear from him, again: "i love you soooooo much babe I want you to never forget that ok babe stay strong while i am gone love you babe cant wait to talk to you and read your letters and dont worry i will write plenty in my letters that i send too love u sooooo much." Please pray for these things for him: ~For God to give Adam strength when he needs it the most ~For him to excel and exert his full potential towards his studies ~For safety and protection as he is in a new environment Please pray for these things for me: ~To find comfort and care through my family and friends ~To exert my full efforts on the end of my studies (!!!) ~For safety and protection from the devil harming my thoughts Also, for these things for us: ~That we see this decision as a challenge and not an obstacle ~That we would be drawn closer together through this experience ~That we would both learn to draw closer to God and rely on His strength Ps. I will be keeping everyone updated through our blog, so stay tuned. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, already.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Adam and I are officially an Uncle & Aunt! Our first little niece, Emma Grace Zickefoose, arrived late on Wednesday night, February 16th. We are so excited for Shawn & Laura, and their first step into the adventure of parenthood. Looking forward to the years to come, spending time with this precious bundle of joy! She indeed is a blessing from God and we thank God for her! I've been praying that God will use her in special ways to advance His kingdom.

And the spoiling begins....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Adam and I would like to wish you and yours a

As we begin this brand-new year, many of us are awaiting for many changes to occur. Whether it's new beginnings, a time for change, new life, or the quiet subtleties, life becomes chaotic. However, in the midst of it all, we lose site of what our purpose in life is: to love God first, and others second. In particularly, as Valentine's Day roles around, the meaning of love gets all the more lost in translation. This Valentine's day, let us not forget about true love. Let us rejoice and dwell in the love that our Creator shows to us on a daily basis. The kind of love that would cause Him to create the whole world for our enjoyment. The kind of love that runs so deep that He would send his only son to die for both yours and mine transgressions. This love is amazing, yet we forget about it most of the time. We hope that you would join us in experiencing God's true love this year in this: that "We love because He first loved us," 1 John 4:19.

We love you all, and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope this day, as well as every other day of the year, is full of TRUE love!

( & Adam)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weekend Away

Adam and I spent our second to last weekend together by spending Friday night and Saturday on Coronado Island. Adam found out from his recruiter that the Naval Air Station North Island on Coronado was hosting a Parade of Flights, in honor of their 100th anniversary. Adam was interested in going, so we booked a hotel room at the Glorietta Bay Inn, a hotel that used to be a mansion, that has be renovated into a very nice hotel. We spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday exploring the island. It was my first time on the island, and Adam's second time. However, it did not feel as if we were on an island, but rather a suburb of San Diego.

We spent Friday afternoon walking along the beach, looking at the shops along Orange Avenue (the main street on the island), and having a nice dinner together. Saturday was quite different. We got up at 7am, enjoyed a continental breakfast on our balcony, got ready and left. As the event was supposed to start at 9am, we left by 8:15, and prepared there to be a large crowd. Boy were we surprised when there were thousands of people there! There was probably easily over 15,000 people there. It took about an hour to get parked on the Naval base, then another hour of waiting in line to get into the event area, and another 2 hours to view 2 out of the 3 ships available for viewing. It was a day, to our surprise, full of rushing around just to find yourself waiting. The first ship we viewed was an aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis. It was such a big carrier! The second ship we got to tour, was a Destroyer, the USS Pickney. Basically, it was a ship built complete with weapons of mass destruction. You do not want to mess with this ship! By 2pm we were exhausted and sun burned, and ready to get off the island. We saw what we had wanted to see and were content. We got a late lunch at Panera Bread and headed back on the freeway.

Since we knew we were going to be in the area, we met up with Adam's aunt and uncle and cousin who live in Oceanside. We had dinner at Rubios (of course :) and had a great time catching up with them. By the end of our visit we both were literally physically exhausted and just wanted to be in bed. Our fatigue was the result of a great weekend.

Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Our hotel

Our walk on the beach

Us on the Stennis

A helicopter on the Stennis

A picture of the ship we didn't view, along with the entrance of the Destroyer

A machine gun you do not want to mess with on the USS Pickney

Part of the air show, The Navy Seals Parachuting team

We really enjoyed our time together, as we are cherrishing the time we have left with each other before Adam leaves in just less than a week. Being on the island felt "weird," because it is a possibility of a place we could get stationed at (we hope!!!) This being the case, we really did enjoy our time of exploring. We know that everything is up to God, as our lives have and will always be in resting in His hands. He already has created our future, we are just waiting to fulfill it. We are getting more and more excited, anxious, and scared for what the next couple of months will bring to our lives. We just have to patiently wait and see what God will bring.

On Sunday we had a farewell dinner for Adam to say his "See you soon" to my family. We had a late lunch at my grandparents house, including both of our parents, my brother, and my grandparents. It was a very nice time, which concluded with them praying over Adam and I, for health, safety, and protection for the next couple of months ahead that we are quickly going to face.

All-in-all, we had a very nice, loving, warm weekend together!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rantin' & Ravin'

I thought that I would take a quick opportunity to rant and rave about the commute that I have to take to school and volunteering every day. My commute can range anywhere between 45 minutes (on a beautiful day) to 1 and a half hours (on a disastrous day). You never know whether the day is going to be beautiful or disastrous, so I have learned that you always have to prepare for the worst and leave early no matter what.

Here are 10 things I hate about my commute (and traffic):

~Traffic anytime before 5 should be illegal!
~Blinding rays of sun light that beam into your mirrors in the morning
~Cars that drive dangerously too fast
~Cars that zoom in-and-out of lanes
~Cars that drive below the speed limit, that are not in the right lane!!
~Traffic that is caused by no apparent reason
~Traffic that is caused by people slowing down to gaze at accidents
~Drivers that are not paying attention to the road
~Drivers that tail-gate, when you are going the speed limit (or a little faster).
~Drivers that have not made up there mind which way they will go.

Since the majority of my time is now spent in my car, I am trying to learn great ways to get through my commute and keep a great attitude throughout its entirety.
Here are two things I have taken on, and also would suggest to anyone who has a big driving commute, too:

~I listen to Christian music so that I have an opportunity to worship, and not let the driving bother me.
~I take the opportunity to pray for every single person in both mine and Adam's family. I am trying to take on the spiritual practice of meditation, to constantly be dwelling in conversation with God throughout the entirety of my day (which is a big learning process!!). I am hoping to fully commit myself to this spiritual practice for life, especially in preparation for being away from Adam for long periods of time, where my greatest strength will have to be relying on the Lord; for everything. As it is just two very short weeks away when Adam leaves for Navy Bootcamp, I plan on taking this opportunity to grown in my relationship with the Lord, to take our relationship to the next level. Please be keeping both Adam and I in your prayers, and the beginning of our life in the military is right around the corner.

Thank you for letting me share my frustrations about traffic :) Love to you all,