Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Beginning

The time has finally come. That time that we have been dreading, but also looking forward to. Dreading, because we'll be apart from each other; looking forward, because our lives together will finally "begin." I had to say, not goodbye, but "until the end of April" to the love of my life on Wednesday morning. You might say, isn't that just 2 months, and my response would be "Have you had to do that before?" It would be hard if it was even a week. When you are best friends with someone, let alone they are the love of your life, it just makes it all the more complicated. Adam left for bootcamp yesterday, Thursday, and arrived there at about 7pm our time, 9 pm Illinois time. There are many things that we are looking forward to because of this life decision. We are looking forward to finding out where we will be stationed, and crossing our fingers for San Diego. We are looking forward, to possibly doing some travelling. So many other things run my mind, but these are the two that stick out the most. Bad thoughts fill my head, that say that things won't work out, or that he might get hurt etc. However, I cannout let the devil take control of my thoughts. I am, instead, using this challenge as an opportunity to grow closer to God. To get to a stage in our relationship, where I am fully relying on Him, where I am in constant communication with Him, through prayer and study of His word. This will also be a time for Adam and I to grow closer together, too. Where we will learn to fully trust each other, love each other on a different level than we have before, and learn to put God before eachother, more. Just to see how encouraging he is, here is the final note he left me, on FB, just what I needed to hear from him, again: "i love you soooooo much babe I want you to never forget that ok babe stay strong while i am gone love you babe cant wait to talk to you and read your letters and dont worry i will write plenty in my letters that i send too love u sooooo much." Please pray for these things for him: ~For God to give Adam strength when he needs it the most ~For him to excel and exert his full potential towards his studies ~For safety and protection as he is in a new environment Please pray for these things for me: ~To find comfort and care through my family and friends ~To exert my full efforts on the end of my studies (!!!) ~For safety and protection from the devil harming my thoughts Also, for these things for us: ~That we see this decision as a challenge and not an obstacle ~That we would be drawn closer together through this experience ~That we would both learn to draw closer to God and rely on His strength Ps. I will be keeping everyone updated through our blog, so stay tuned. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, already.


  1. I am praying for the both of you! Let me know if I can help in any way. I am especially praying for San Diego!!