Friday, March 25, 2011

An Encouraging Update on Adam

This week has proven to be a very encouraging week for me, and it is not yet quite over. On Tuesday I was pretty tired as I had gotten sick to my disbelief. As I layed down to rest, my phone rang and to my surprise Adam was on the other line! So there is much to update you all about his well-being.

  1. He is doing very well!! So good to hear is loving voice!

  2. They are now responisble for keeping watch, and Adam does every 3rd day. Thus, he is tired most days.

  3. The food is not terrible other than having the same meal every day. They can only have 3 meals a day, thus Adam reports he is hungry all the time, nothing new :]

  4. There are some immature guys who don't follow directions, thus making their workouts longer than necessary.

  5. He is making some friends and gets along with his bunkmate pretty well.

  6. He passed his first study test and only has 1 or 2 more study tests, the rest are field tests.

  7. They got fitted for 3 other uniforms and will be wearing his blues for graduation.

  8. He needs to improve his marching skills, enough said.

  9. He will be an expert bed-maker and laundry folder when he returns, thankfully ;D

  10. Mail call is his favorite part of the day and is what gets him through each day, so join me in sending him mail every day for extra encouragement and support!

As time is flying by and the date of his graduation comes closer and closer, I see God working in our lives. At this point I feel as if Adam was meant to do this. God has been speaking to me in different ways, letting me know that He is seeing this all through. He has gone before us and knows what is to come. But not only that, He is with us as we are experiencing it NOW.

God has been providing for us in some pretty amazing ways. Just yesterday I went to get financially cleared for gradutation, thinking that I would have to owe the school for the times I have stayed on-campus, and to my surprise the school actually owes US!! How amazing is that? I know that I am blessed to have my mom work at my school, but how humbling is it to know that God takes care of his children?!? It really makes me step-back from my perspective and realize how blessed I really am. I mean, it may be hard for me now, but God is with me, and whom then shall I fear? If I truly say I am trusting God, then I should not doubt his plan for me, period.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Theology of the Christian Life class. On Thursday we were discussing a chapter from a book by N.T. Wright. The chapter was putting the Christian faith into perspective for me. He says the point of Christianity is not living your life to get to Heaven. Yes, it will be nice to not suffer eternally in hell, but that is not the reason for our existing. He reveals ways of living between heaven and earth. We need to renounce and lose ourself and find God's spirit anew in our lives, and to rediscover our humanness in Him. So many of us focus on our future, heaven; however, the point of our lives is to be living in the now. To live our lives in such a manner that people see Christ through our DAILY actions. This is what I am trying to do, yet it becomes hard when the materialness of the world gets in the way. I wonder what the world when look like if we all lived our lives authentically for Christ?

Please continue to be keeping Adam and I in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!

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