Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Got a Golden Letter!!

Today we have been married for 8 months and today I finally received a letter from Adam! It came at just the right time and is so encouraging to me.

To summarize the letter to give you an idea of how he is:

  1. He misses me! Going on 35 days until I see him graduate!
  2. He is properly suited for full duty, 8 shots later...
  3. He passed his swimming test on the first try, to all of our surprise!
  4. Boot camp is not as hard as he expected
  5. He hates making his bed

This is exactly what I have been waiting to hear, not exactly this, but that he is doing well. So glad he wrote me 2 1/2 pages!! Although it is hard being separated from each other, I know that we are growing deeper in love through the separation, and that we are learning to rely on God's strength, comfort, and promises. Only 4 more months until 1 year of marriage :D

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