Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loving our Neighbors

Encouragement. It's more than just a long word to spell. It's something that's so small, yet makes a huge difference. So many times I feel as if we (I'm definitely included) get caught up in focusing on ourselves and all the problems of our lives, forgetting that other people are struggling just like us, even our own family and friends. Our culture raises us up to be focused on ourselves, but that's not the point of our life. I know that I have discussed this previously, but we were created for such a different purpose: to love God first and others second. You cannot separate the love for God and others; they should be intwined, for they are the two greatest commandments. When we are loving God, it is portrayed to others, and vice versa. So many of us separate these into different categories and fail to see the needs and desires of our neighbors. God calls us to be so much more than just intrinsically focused, yet we still tend to dwell on our own issues. Since this has really been on my heart lately, I wanted to provide some scriptural support if anyone was curious. Here are just some bible verses that preach this, however, there are others:

  1. Leviticus 19:18

  2. Mathew 5:43-44

  3. Mathew 22:37-39

  4. Romans 12:10 & 13-21

  5. Romans 13:9-10

  6. Galatians 5:14

  7. James 2:8

I hope that you too find this to be encouraging. :)

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