Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Thankful Sunday

God tells us to cast all our desires, cares, and concerns on Him, and He will renew our soul. I know that I need to keep track of all my blessings, instead of all my worries, fears and concerns, so here are some things that I am really thankful for at the moment:

  1. That I had a pleasant time with my in-laws at Doheny Beach, when I went up there for a day. Beautiful weather, beautiful company, and scary birds!
  2. Had a great time celebrating my Dad's birthday with my family and grandparents. Good food, great laughs, and yummy cheesecake!
  3. Getting to spend more quality, fun time with my brother while I am here at APU
  4. Hearing the testimony of Brian Welch, former lead guitarist of the band Korn, and how God transformed his life into a follower of Him. Only God could do this kind of transformation!
  5. Oh, and to top off the list, I made the Deans List at APU for my grade point average!!!! Go me!!! [or actually go God for putting my knowledge to the test!!]

At the moment, these are the things that God has blessed me with, to allow me to get through this weekend. So glad that I enjoyed this weekend. These things will help me get through this next week. Until then, I will hopefully find more ways that God is revealing himself to me, I just have to be receptive to Him. :]

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