Monday, April 11, 2011

One More Year of Blessed Friendship

It all began before I was born or even my brother was born, that my wonderful mother met another wonderful woman, while they were working. Sparks began to fly, or shall I rephrase, friendship sparks began to fly. At that point, no one could stop it, it was bound to be, that Pam Pedraza and Peggy Cooney would be friends 'til the end. Wouldn't it be nice if the story just ended there?!? Oh boy, if that would be true! However, the story does not end there. ;D

As they both began to have children, yes, their children were forced to be friends. They would beat us children if we didn't play nicely or if we didn't get along...ok TOTALLY just kidding.

The truth is, my brother and I got along very well with the Pedraza family van trap. Hannah and I were pretty close when we were younger. When her family moved away when she was 6 and I was 5, that was not the end of it. We became pin-pals and wrote to each other consistently throughout the years. Yes, it was like one of those movies that you only see or hear about on T.V. We actually WROTE letters to each other. As Hannah transferred to a college that was closer to me than where they moved, our friendship began to develop more, and into what it is today.

One thing that I am so sure of, is that I am glad that our mothers met, way back where the story began, because Hannah has become a dear friend. I can't wait to see how our friendship will turn out, but hoping that it turns out to be just as good as our mother's!

Hannah turned one year older this past week, which means one more year of friendship we have shared with each other. This past weekend we celebrated her birthday. We went to the MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) with her sisters and two other friends. Then we had a nice birthday dinner with a lot of her other friends. It was a nice day!

Here are some pics from our day:

The beautiful weather we had for our MOCA trip

Her sister, my friend too, Rachele and I at MOCA!

And lastly, me and the lovely Hannah on the day of my wedding :D

This post is in honor of our friendship. Love you Hannah, Happy Birthday!

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