Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What We've Been Waiting For

Adam's graduation from Navy Bootcamp came as quickly as it left. Why does it always seem that time travels faster when you are having fun, but goes slower when you are bored and alone? Shouldn't it be the reverse? Anyways, the day that both Adam and I were anxiously waiting for, for two months, turned out to not only be one but TWO days!!! God definitely knew that we needed that extra day, so I am eternally grateful for that precious blessing of the extra time we got to spend together. Unfortunately, since we were so consumed in the excitement of seeing each other, it really didn't seem like it was Easter, since Easter was spent travelling all day to get back home. This does not mean, however, that I am not still ever so eternally grateful for Christ's self-less sacrifice He portrayed to us, by dying on the cross, and raising from the dead- so amazing!!

I am so proud of Adam's accomplisments and couldn't be more happier for him! He looked so good in both of his uniforms, don't you think so, too!!??!! The wait was so worth it!!!! :D

Please continue to pray for our future, as things are looking a little shaky right now. Please be praying that we make the right decisions, for the right reasons.

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