Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back Into the Grind

For the past year I have been volunteering at a local elementary school, for a class I was taking at APU (remember this post I blogged about). This class allows you to obtain experience in the workforce to really prepare you for what you will be doing with your degree. You have the option of choosing where you want to volunteer or intern, which is really nice. So I chose Danbury as my site, a school for children with special needs. I have grown fond of the school, the teachers, and especially the children! It has been an absolute blessing being there in this environment.

When I first started there in the fall I was very unsure about working with this population. However, I soon realized that this was the right fit for me. Yes, there are some difficulties that come with working with this population of children, but the positives outweigh the negatives, in my opinion.

After I graduated from APU I still was volunteering there, since I had nothing better to do without working or going to school!! It turned out to work fabulously. The para-educator aid was retiring and using her vacation hours to fulfill the last 11 days of the school year, therefore meaning that someone was needed to fill her position. Without my knowledge, the teacher put my name in on the substitute list for the Claremont Unified School District, and got everything in order for me to fulfill her aid's position. Such a blessing!

So today was my first day of being the aid. Nothing was actually new for me, basically I am just getting paid instead of volunteering- which is super duper ok with me (although I didn't mind volunteering)!! I am also very thankful that this allows me more responsibility as well as experience in using my bachelor's degree, everything is just so exciting to me. God really blessed me with this amazing opportunity and I am very thankful that it came at just the right time, which will allow me to keep busy while Adam is finishing up in Florida. It's also a plus, because I will be able to substitute for the summer school session, too, which will finish right around the same time Adam will be finishing- so awesome!!

Yeah for a good day back into the work force!!

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