Sunday, May 29, 2011

I can get use to this

The last 3 weekends I have done something fun. They started off with a weekend in Cambria, then a visit to see Adam in Florida, and this weekend I went camping for one night in Lake Big Bear with my in-laws and spent the other night with my mom and brother in Crestline at my Uncle's cabin. It has been really nice to have some relaxing and fun weekends with family and friends after the hard year I have had finishing school. Oh how I have really enjoyed them! I need to think of something fun to do next weekend as I have nothing on the agenda yet!

My in-laws go camping pretty frequently and I like to join them when I can. I grew up camping with my family, but they don't go tent camping anymore, so it's fun to go with them (although I stay in the trailor). :) The camp ground was very nice and had a great view of the stars at night- man I haven't seen a night sky that beautiful in awhile! In the morning I got up and read while it was peaceful outside. Sitting down reading a book amidst the noise of the trees swaying in the wind is absolutely wonderful! We then took a hike in the late morning all the way up the steep hill at Pine Summit, to the top of the ski lift. I definitely could tell that I need to exercise more; it was literally breath-taking, even though the view was worth it in the end. Look at some great pictures of the view:

Here's the view of our climb up the hill

My in-laws and I finally at the top! Heidi came, too :)

Then on Saturday late afternoon I headed on over to meet my mom and brother at the cabin. It was so relaxing spending the night there. On Sunday we woke up to the rain, read in front of a warm fire, played a competitive game of cards (the game Nertz; we love it!!) to the smell of brownies, had a nice afternoon walk, my mom and I gave each other relaxing facials, and we ended the day with a movie, The Fugitive; it was the perfect day!! Too bad the day had to come to an end!

The view we had from the cabin

The sky on our walk made it so pleasant after the rain.

I just love the clouds, they are so beautiful!

I had a great weekend with my family and I hope that your weekend was just as well!

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