Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Know by Now

God is so good, but shouldn't I know that by now? Shouldn't I know that God has a plan, a purpose, and a reason for everthing that He does? I would presume the answer to that question to be yes, but for some reason I always seem to doubt His amazing plan and purpose for mine and Adam's life. Since I am not God, and never will be, I do not have the reasoning or knowledge capable of knowing why He does things. But God does and therefore He knows the reasoning He has for things. He knows that everything will come together all for His glory. It doesn't mean that it will be easy, which is why He promises to be with us along the way for comfort and support. Yet so many times we fail to remember that and blame Him for not being there or turning a blind eye on us. I wish I could say I didn't do that but I would be lying.

Josh Wilson is a Christian artist who recently was introduced to me by my sister-in-law Laura, and I have grown very fond of him (thanks Laura!). It's hard to find Christian artists who are up-beat, yet still bring you encouragment through their music. He sings a song, Know By Now, all about this very concept: that God is faithful to us when we are faithful to Him. Here are the lyrics to his song:

So it all went wrong
I started singing that sad, sad song
So convinced that I was on my own
But God I know
That You won’t leave
Guess I let it slip my memory
Fast as I could count to 1 2 3
Forgetful me

Whoa, whoa, here I go again
Why do I forget, You’re always faithful
Whoa, whoa, how many times have I seen
You give me just what I need
Whoa, whoa, here I go again
I forget, You’re gonna work it out somehow
You think that I’d know by now

Well, I’d like to learn to live by faith
As the flowers of the field might say
Worry doesn’t add a single day
Oh, God I pray
You’ll help me see
When I’m looking at my history
All the ways You’ve taken care of me
I want to believe but

Whoa, whoa, here I go again
Why do I forget, You’re always faithful
Whoa, whoa, how many times have I seen
You give me just what I need
Whoa, whoa, here I go again
I forget, You’re gonna work it out somehow
You think that I’d know by now

That You are always in control
I should know by now
That You’re gonna work it out
But this shadow of a doubt
Won’t let me go

Aren't those just great lyrics?!? This song seems to be the tune that I've been singing lately, actually quite constantly, to remind me that God is faithful with the plan He has for my life.

I say all of this positively because all the unknowing and waiting is over, and our life is starting to come together. Adam now knows his graduation date for his A-school and where we will be stationed for his first duty station. YES, finally!!!!

He graduates from his school on June 27th but will have to stay for one more class until about mid-July. And for where we will be stationed, drum roll please as we reveal that it is...........

Bremerton, Washington

We both are not disappointed that for his for station, we didn't get San Diego, because it gives us the opportunity to explore a new area and we look forward to it! At least we still got the West Coast. Guess God didn't intend for us to stay in Cali with the beautiful sunshine during this time of our lives. I've been praying that God would bring us to a place that needs us, and that we would do His work there that He has in store for us. I believe that God knows what He is doing and there is no reason to doubt His plan. I am desperately looking forward to what's in store for us while we are stationed there. I am sooooo super-duper excited. At least I know something, I didn't care what he found out, I just wanted it to be anything and at least he found out the most important thing!

So the plan is for me to stay with my parents for the next 2 months while he is finishing up his schooling and then hopefully he will get some leave for relocating so we can embark on this new journey to Washington together.

Yeah for good news!!! Please continue to in prayer for our lives, for things to come together, and for smooth transitioning.


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  2. - LOOOVE Josh Wilson!!
    - Bremerton, just a ferry ride away from Seattle; so much exploring awaits. :)
    - Not till mid/late July huh, just going to miss you. Emma and I will be there over 4th of July.

  3. I am so excited that you finally know where you are going to be! I will be honest and tell you that I am a bit sad you won't be in San Diego, but like you said I am not God and will never be, so I know he has great plans for you. I am real happy too because I have family up in Washington, so I will be able to come visit you. I will be praying for the rest of the pieces that need to fall into place to be seamless.

  4. Laura: I cannot WAIT to explore, not only in Washington, but Canada too!! :) Too bad we're gonna miss you and Emma, bummer! We were thinking about stopping by your place on our roadtrip up there, so Uncle Adam can meet precious Emma. Would that work or even be ok?

    Christine: It makes me so happy to hear that you can visit me if you are up here visiting family! That makes me joyful. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers-so grateful! Love you!

  5. Just let me know when you'll be driving through. Plus too Redding has the last In-&-Out in the state so its a decent stopping point. ;) However, Washington has Dick's, which is waaaay better!

    Gosh, being a ferry ride from Seattle there's:
    - Pike's Place
    - Seattle Center
    - Pacific Science Center
    - Safeco Field (I know Adam would LOVE to go to a Mariners game)
    - Gasworks Park
    - The Fremont Troll
    - University Place
    - Tulip Festival every April
    - Seattle Library (which was re-done not too long ago and is amazing)

    Not to mention Marty and his family live out there now too.

  6. Thanks for this list of cool things to do in Seattle-LOVE it!! I will have to add these to my list of things to explore on weekends when we start living there. I know, I heard Marty lives out there now, so exciting to be close to at least some family ;) It's looking like the middle of July-late July we will be strolling through Redding for In-n-out and maybe a visit-totally just kidding! I will let you know when things are looking more finalized, but if you guys are flexible then it's all good.