Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Weekend in Paradise

This last weekend I went to visit Adam from Thursday-Monday, in Pensacola, Florida. Adam and I had been planning this weekend trip since he first arrived in Florida. He put in the request for the time off during his second week, and when it got approved, we hurried up and planned all of the important things necessary for the weekend, i.e. flight, hotel, and car rental. Since Adam loves to search for that kind of stuff, I certainly left all of that up to him.

Upon my arrival, it was so wonderful to see him! When I picked him up from the base on Thursday evening, everything that we have been through was worth it; just to see him in that very moment. We stayed right on the beach in Pensacola Beach; it was absolutely gorgeous! It was so nice to be able to spend a relaxing weekend together, since that has not happened in 3 long months! It actually reminded us that we are married, since married people live together you know.

There was no real agenda for the weekend-your surprised aren't you, since we are both naturally planners. I guess we are getting the hang of the military lifestyle already. ;) Anyways, we both did not care what we wanted to do, as long as we were spending time with each other, so having a plan did not bother us-it actually made the weekend more fun for us both! We spent our weekend in the pool, taking walks on the beach (in the morning, afternoon, and at night), walking along the city, looking at shops, and just spending well-deserved quality time with each other. It is time that we get to spend with each other like this, that reinforces my love I have for him, and I love him a lot!!, and I am so glad that we were able to have this weekend to ourselves. I am desperately looking forward to what our future entails, but am learning to appreciate the moments that we get to share with each other now.We did not take much pictures, but here are few:

Our hotel

And the view from our hotel of the amazing pool where we spent most of our time

The beautiful Pensacola Beach

On one of our late night walks on the beach

God is so great for blessing us with the company that we had in each other during this amazing weekend. I definitely did not care if the world came to an end (and to no real big surprise it did not), but if it did, at least I would have been with my hubby!! :D I think I can now get through this last home stretch for the next 1 1/2 months. Hope everyone is having a great, because I started mine off well! :D

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