Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Yes folks, the news on the streets is true, it has indeed happened: Jasmine Zickefoose is officially a sewer, as of June 5, 2011.

All joking aside, yes I have started to sew. I got a Singer sewing machine from my inlaws for Christmas (thanks again!!). Check it out:

I haven't started to use it until this last week, since I was still in school, and as everyone who truly knows me, knows I cannot have any distractions while I am studying or going to school. Therefore, my sewing machine was collecting dust in our storage. I got motivated to start sewing by accidently coming across my mom's old fabric and patterns while I was in search for something in the closet where she keeps them. When I came across all the beautiful fabric that my mom was keeping for a future-but-never-going-to-get-to quilt that she had in mind in her younger years or for future grandkids maybe (??), oh boy did I strike gold!! My mom told me that I could use most of the fabric as long as I did not waste any of it and as long as I got the most out of it. So I have taken on the challenge! This is not the first time that I have ever sewn, I have made pillow cases and have helped my mom complete some projects that she has worked on, but the key is that I have never actually enjoyed it. I always would get frustrated immediately at the sign of disaster. This time around, everything is different. I am allowing myself to be patient, calm, and collected and it has made all the difference in the world! I am allowing myself to make mistakes, calling in for backup when need be, ie. either one of my grandmas or my mom (now they are all good sewers). It has been fun working with them on my projects and I am loving the quality time I am getting to spend with them while sewing. It's more fun now, because I understand their language with no help with translations!!

For a beginners challenge I made a gift for my good friend Christine Fore's baby Josiah, who is due in early July. Isn't that perfect timing to start sewing?!? I'd say so! prepare for the gift I made her, I practiced on other projects. I decided that a beginners project would be to make baby bibs and baby burp cloths that I got from this blog .
I used the patterns she provided, which look like this:

Believe me when I say that this D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) project is so easy! If I can do it, you can do it; it really is that easy. If you don't have enough fabric to use for either of these patterns, it is easy enough to adjust the pattern to fit the right size you need.

All you need is:

1. Fabric
2. Terry cloth to color coordinate
3. Matching thread
4. Velcrow

1. Pin both fabric and terry cloth to the pattern to cut it out. Pin both the fabric and the terry cloth with the right sides facing each other; sew together with a 1/2 inch seam, leaving a 3 inch space at the bottom of the bib. Turn the fabric with the right sides showing. Pin fabrics 1/2 inch around; sew a decorative stitch of your choice. Sew on Velcrow. Believe it or not, you're done!

After you get these steps down, it really should only take you less than 30 minutes; so easy! Here are some pictures of my outcomes. I have made mostly girl bibs, but have made 2 boy bibs (although I think those could be girl bibs, too).

I LOVE this fabric!! This is a boy bib I made, but I honestly feel as if a girl could wear it too (my mom used this fabric for an Indian outfit she made me in first or second grade. I didn't like the fabric then, but I really LOVE it now!!).

I added a pink, double zig-zag decorative stich to the blue checkered fabric; love it!! These are definitely for a girl.

These are two other girl bibs I made. The sunflower I did with a green, double zig-zag decorative stitch, and it really compliments it well. I love the white with blue flowers, so I did the same decorative stich in pink- which is my favorite!

I did the burp cloths the same way as the bibs, just using the different pattern; yes it is that easy. I made long cloths and shorter cloths, since I had less fabric in those materials to work with. Here are two examples (I actually made a matching long or short burp cloth to match each bib).

Total cost for the project:

1. Fabric: free

2. Terry Cloth: $5.99 per yard for 3 yards, however, I had a gift card, so it was free.

3. Thread: already on hand

4. Velcrow: already on hand

This project was free for me; yeah!

I hope that you like the tutorial/pictures of my new hobby; if not, oh well :) This really is a big step for me and I am proud of myself for achieving this challenge I have faced for years, head on! I already have more projects up my sleeve and can't wait to finish them and share them all with you! I should finish/post pictures of my second project tomorrow, and then will post pictures of Josiah's gift after I give it to Christine on Wednesday.

Happy beginning of the week everyone!!

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