Monday, June 27, 2011

I Made it to the top....fortunately!!

Today my brother and I hiked the Garcia Trail. For those of you who are not familiar with the Azusa area, we hiked up to the "A" that you see on the mountains of Azusa Canyons when you are passing Citrus Avenue on the 210 Freeway:

I love this trail for many different reasons, mainly because

1. It's local
2. It has decent areas of shade throughout it (depending on what time of day)
3. It's hiker-friendly
4. The view is amazing throughout its entirety
5. It's doable

Although this is not a difficult trail to climb, it does have a very rapid incline that begins almost immediately upon starting the trail, which makes it harder if you are out of shape like me (whoops, did I admit to that online!). Yes, it was hard, but it is very doable, which is why I usually bring a friend with me when I hike the trail for encouragement. Adam and I hiked this trail all the time when I went to APU but we haven't hiked it in over a year, so yes it was hard given this fact!

A lot of time when hiking, it's hard to find actual trails and not some path that some random person created and you're risking your life if you choose to follow it. However, the Garcia Trail has a path all the way to the top. Also, the view of nature is really pretty. All of the wild flowers are in bloom, so it really made it enjoyable for me (admist my huffing and puffing)! :D

The Yucas were every where, and were very lovely!!

These wildflowers were lovely, and were throughout the trail, too.

It is good to know that since it is summertime, hike the trail in the early morning or around dusk. We went at 9am and it was already hot! I want to try to do it once a week because it is really good exercise, but we'll see how I feel. Today I'm pretty exhausted. Not because it was hard, but rather, the heat really gets to you after awhile.

We were so happy when we finally made it to the top!

Once you get to the top, the view is amazing, as you can see the Azusa Canyons and mountains.

In this picture you can see a creek of fresh water and it's such a tease to see! It really makes you want to go right down to it, jump in, and wash all your sweat away. Or at least I felt this way!

The length of the trail is 1.2 miles up and down, which totals to 2.4 miles. I think that is a decent length! Glad I made it to the top!

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