Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kids Say the Darnest Things

On Wednesday I got the great honor of spending the day with my good friend Christine and her two children, although I am getting excited for her third one to come join their lovely family very soon! We spent half the day together and we got the party started right away, not wanting to waste a single moment. Upon my arrival we both got to chat while watching the kids ride bikes, which ended pretty quickly as we wanted to build a fort. Since my brother and I built forts all the time when we were kids, with blankets, chairs, more blankets, and boards, I promised her son that I would love to help him build a fort the next time I visited. So, that was our next task. I built both kids a fort, and that was so fun! I experienced some sort of mild dejavu while crafting a good fort for them to play in, to days when my brother and I would beg my mom to sleep in our cool forts, since we thought it would be so cool to sleep in something other than our beds. And yes, it was cool! We then headed over to the beach to have a picnic lunch and to play in the water. It was so fun seeing the kids enjoy the water.

It was tough to leave the fun beach!

After we headed back to the house it was time for the kids' knap, which meant that my now second favorite part about visiting Christine could occur: our chats. One reason why I love my friendship with Christine, is her refreshing sense of wisdom that she provides. It's so easy to talk to her.

In a blog I wrote last week, I had stated the reason I got into sewing was for a baby gift I wanted to make for Christine's son-on-the-way, Josiah. But, I didn't want to just bring a gift for Josiah and not for the other kids, so I made a gift for her daughter, and bought a gift for her son. For Josiah, I made a bib and burp cloth for him, using the same patterns of my first project, but used really cute boy material I bought at Joann's.

The patterns for both a bib and a burp cloth

Isn't this fabric sooo cute!!??!!

For her daughter I decided to make a headband for her, since she has the right amount of girly attributes that I thought she would indeed wear them. :D There is no pattern for the headbands, but I did get them off of the same website I used for the bibs and burp cloths. The headbands were really easy to make. All you need is two scraps of fabric, preferably in two contrasting colors. You cut one strip 3 1/2 by 15 1/2 inches, and the second strip 2 by 10 inches, so that the smaller strip is 3/4 the length of the larger piece. Like this:

You then fold both strips in half, with the right side of the fabric facing each other, and sew each of them. Turn them both inside out. Cut/put 1/2 inch elastic in the smaller strip, so that the length of the entire headband equals 21 inches (for a baby/ small child); sew both ends close. Insert smaller strip a 1/2 inch into the larger strip and sew closed. Voula, your done!!

Aren't these fabrics so cute!?!

The elastic side of the headband

The front side of the headband

What's so nice about making things for people, is seeing their reactions when they open them. Fortunately for my own sake, Chrisitne loved Josiah's gift, Taylor loved the headbands, and Nate loved the bubbles I bought him. What a great day!!! :D Yeah for success #2 on my sewing projects!! And as if I couldn't get any happier, Christine's text that night made me so much more happy! It read:

"Taylor wore her green head band to dinner and told all her buddies about the cool girl Jasmine who made it for her. And tonight Nate thanked God for you in his prayer. You are very loved in Oceanside tonight!"

Isn't that so cute?!? That's the cutest thing I ever read. I just love her family so much! Her kids are a great addition to her already cute self, as well as her loving husband. Can't wait until I get to meet baby Josiah!

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