Monday, June 20, 2011


I always know it's summertime when:

1. Corn on the cob is on sale and we make any excuse to have it with a meal, even if it doesn't go together. Like the other night we had leftover Spaghetti and corn on the cob (I mean it was good, but who are we!?!). This goes the same for watermelon!

2. Spending time with your love becomes all the more fun when you can embark on adventures in the outdoors together!

3. I temporarily turn into a vegetarian, because all I feel like eating is fruit, salads, and cold vegetables. For instance, during the last four days, all I have had is fruit and vegetables for lunch and dinner; yummy!!

4. The swimming pool is calling my name in the distance, even while we speak I can hear it, and I can't seem to ignore its calling.

5. The beach is a common entity to weekend getaways and days when there's no plans. If only gas wasn't so darn expensive!

6. When you finally feel like something else besides fruit and vegetables, say meat, you barbecue it.

7. Taking the dog on long walks to the park is something that you do at night instead of during the day, so you don't die of dehydration on a walk.

8. You really do appreciate finding parking spots in the shade, so when you come back into the car you don't have a hot seat. Man, I sound like my mom right now ;D

9. Popsicles become a dessert after every meal, including breakfast!

10. Playing cards becomes more fun in the coolness of the indoors, on hot summer nights. No, we're not playing poker, rather Nertz!!! :D

We have already started to dig our way through this list and it sure is getting fun! However, is it really summer already? I can't believe how fast this year is just strolling by, taking the days and the seasons along with it. One day it's raining and there's snow on the mountains in the distance and the next day it's hot and humid with the sun shining it's hottest rays at 10 o'clock in the morning. Seriously?!?

This reminds me of a song by one of my favorite bands, Bon Jovi, called "Summertime." I love the era of classic rock and oldies; this is the only thing I envy my parents of! I so wish I could have lived during this time, watching some of the greatest music legends of all time perform live!! This is not my favorite song of them, but it is good none-the-less. You can watch them perform it live, here.

Cheers to summer and all it has to bring with it and cheers to spending time with all of our Valentine's, as mine is coming to spend the weekend with me in just 9 days!!! Can't wait!!!! ♥

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