Friday, July 15, 2011

One (Blessed) Year Anniversary

I cannot believe that just one year ago I said two simple words that have changed my life and will continue to change my life forever; "I do." I never would have thought that someone as great as Adam would have come into my life and bless me, care for me, and love me as much as he has/does. He truly is the answer to my prayers from up above. You don't know how many times I prayed for a Godly man to come into my life (I have proof, I used to keep a prayer journal in high school). I waited for him, and I am so glad that I waited for someone as special as him; he has definitely proven to be worth the wait!

Our wedding day was so special to us and it will always be a day that rests closely to our hearts, as it is a day where best friends became companions and confidants for life. Looking over our pictures and compiling our scrapbook (see that here)has definitely brought my emotions and feelings back to the surface. I constructed my scrapbook in a way that Adam could understand my emotions/feelings from our big day, so he could truly know what I was experiencing and how I feel about him and our day. Here are some of my journals taken straight from my scrapbook:

On getting ready for the wedding:
Falling asleep the night before the wedding was a lot harder than I had expected, since I was anxiously waiting for the day to begin. I was anxious for a lot reasons, but primarily because “I am lucky I am in love with my best friend” and “lucky we’re in love in every way” and very soon he would go beyond just being my best friend, but be my companion, lover, and most significantly, my husband. How much more lucky could a girl get?!?

On Becoming a Bride:
It didn’t really hit me that it was my wedding day until I actually put on my wedding dress. I remember while I was putting on my earrings, I caught a glimpse of myself and couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror; I could not believe that this was me who I was starring at, and this is what Adam was going to see. I know that Adam would have loved me no matter how I appeared, but to know that “my baby loves me just the way that I am” is truly amazing. So glad that he does!

On our first meet:
I was so emotional to have Adam see me for the first time; all dressed up like a princess, for him. He had never seen me like this before and it made the moment all the more special for us. He was everything I could have imagined, and more; he looked so handsome! When the moment came and he turned around, all sense of time stopped; it was just him and I in this moment, as if no one else was around. The moment could have gone on forever, it was that perfect. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the moment; all I can say is that “some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this.”

On walking down the aisle:
Before the wedding I was pondering on how I would feel walking down the aisle. I couldn’t tell and left it alone. However, when I stood at the end of the aisle, seeing my best friend waiting for me at the end, my heart became overwhelmed with happiness, as I knew that this was a decision in my life that I was so sure on. I felt as if I had loved him so much already, yet knowing that it would grow over the course of our life, is incredible. It reminds me of the song Then, which says “Now you’re my whole life, now you’re my whole world, I just can’t believe the way I feel about you [boy]. We’ll look back some day, at this moment that we’re in, and I’ll look at you and say: and I thought I loved you then.”

Over the past year I can already tell that we have grown closer together as a couple. Not only have we grown to love each other in different ways than we already had, we learned to love each other through the separation that we experienced with Adam being gone in bootcamp and training for the Navy for the past six months. We have learned to appreciate each other, value the time we are privileged to spend with each other (which is so precious) and with that we have learned to not spend our time getting mad over silly things, and have learned different ways to encourage each other. The hardest one of them all, I believe, is we are still trying to learn to keep God the focus and the center of our relationship while we are learning to live without each other for periods of time, learning to be flexible, and learning to love (or hate) not being able to plan out our lives ahead of time. We have not mastered all, or maybe any of these things I have mentioned above, but we are committed to each other and are willing to work hard at them, which is what really counts.

If there is one thing that we truly have learned, it definitely lies within the message that was shared during our wedding ceremony in Ruth. Ruth 1:16 (NIV) says,

"16b Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. 17 Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me."

When Adam first told me he wanted to join the military, I was against it. But I have grown to be at ease with this decision that has changed the direction of our lives, which I believe has been for the better. I definitely have grasped the phrase "where you lead, I will follow." I have moved four times since we have been married, and am expecting another move here soon. However, none of this matters, because there is no place I would rather be than to be with Adam, no matter where that place may be. If there is one thing we have learned from the Navy, it's the power of being flexible. What helps though, is knowing that God has a plan for our lives amidst the chaos of uncertainty. Although to us it may seem like our life currently is full of uncertainties, God knows it all. God has already has a plan for both of our lives since before we were born. Understanding this, I mean truly understanding this, allows me to get through my days easier and has helped me to sleep better at night.

♥ Where we were standing with each other, just one blessed year ago, on 07.16.10. ♥

♥ One Blessed Year later ♥

We already celebrated our anniversary together when Adam came home during the Fourth of July weekend, read more about that on this post, but I thought that Adam and I would not be spending our Anniversary together, but boy oh boy was I wrong!!!! Adam tricked me. He told my old room-mate Christina to hang out with me this weekend (as a plan) to distract me from not missing Adam too much for our anniversary. Oh boy, did she play right along with his little scheme! So, when I went to pick her up from the airport, what she told me, to my surprise I was picking up Adam!!!!!!! What a good surprise! I cannot believe that I didn't see this coming; I really did have no idea!! Of course, we had an amazing time together.

Waiting for me at the hotel; yummy!

On our actual anniversary, we did not really care what we did, we were just glad we were together; I was thrilled!! To our luck, the O.C. fair started on Friday, and I have never gone to it before, so we decided to go. We had a great time. We fed the animals, looked at ice art, at some good food, looked around at little boutiques, and Adam went on his first Ferris Wheel ride (I guess that's a start, right)! :D We had a great time!

By the beautiful ice art

See, he doesn't look like he's about to die, right?

In the evening, we headed down to Canary Village for dinner. We ate at this small authentic Italian restaurant that Adam found online. I am not exaggerating when I say I had the best crab ravioli I have had in my life; sooo good! After we enjoyed a very nice dinner together, a man who rides a Gondola came and told me that Adam surprised with a Gondola ride. I gladly accepted his offer, and we followed him to his Gondola. It was such a nice ride, so romantic! We talked about this last year, what's ahead, and just spent the rest of the time in each others arms enjoying the delight scenery and the lovely moon.

Such a romantic ride ♥

This next year, and forever more, this will always be my promise to Adam:

Our love is unconditional, we knew it from the start.
I see it in your eyes, you can feel it from my heart.
From here on after let's stay the way we are right now,
And share all the love and laughter
That a lifetime will allow.

I cross my heart and promise to
Give all I've got to give to make all your dreams come true.
In all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine.

You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete,
And as long as there's a breath in me, I'll make yours just as sweet.
As we look into the future, it's as far as we can see,
So let's make each tomorrow be the best that it can be.

I cross my heart and promise to
Give all I've got to give to make all your dreams come true.
In all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine.

And if along the way we find a day it starts to storm,
You've got the promise of my love to keep you warm.
In all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine,
A love as true as mine.

*Courtesy of*

We are looking forward to where God will direct us this next year; how He will challenge us, help us grow closer to Him and to each other, and what new things he will bring our way. I already can trust that our future looks bright, as I know one thing for sure: I will always have Adam with me, whether it's physically or in my heart.

♥ Happy Anniversary Adam Brent; love you forever! ♥


  1. Stop making me cry with your awesome blog posts!!! I was hoping Adam would surprise you, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to bypass your 1st anniversary. You deserve every moment of spoiling that he gives you. Happy anniversary!

  2. I didn't think he would bypass it either, I just thought that since we had an amazing weekend together over the fourth of July, that it kind of made up for it. But this, man this was special!! :D