Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recent Projects

The projects I have been working on the last two days have been from left over materials I have had from previous projects. It has been fun finding a way to use the leftover pieces and I think what I have done with them turned out great.

For the first project I used leftover fabric from one of my wedding projects. We used this spunky and fun fabric for the background of a photobooth, although what we envisioned didn't work out the way we wanted, due to wind, lack of height, and a little misunderstanding, but it ended up working out in the end. See our original idea:

And what we ended up doing:

(My favorite picture of my brother during the wedding!!!)

I knew I was going to use the fabric for another project, so I decided to make a decorative pillow case out of it. See

I made the pillow case with a zipper entrance for a pillow form out of this fun fabric. I plan on making one other pillow case with the leftover fabric, but that project is going to have to be on hold, because it was really hard working around all the little circles, although that is why I love this fabric. Can't wait to put this decorative pillow on my bed; it will look so cute sitting on it! :D

The second project I did involved using the leftover fleece from Adam's birthday present (remember that gift). I was at first thinking about making some sort of Americana blanket out of it with my leftover fabric from this project, but I did't think any of the fabrics would look good as a blanket. So, I concluded that I would just make a boys baby blanket out of it using cute sailor material that I found at JoAnn's. I used the sailor fabric for the front of the blanket, the navy blue fleece as the backing, and used red binding for the border. It was my first time using binding, which was a little difficult, but for my first time I think it turned out good. Once I get used to using it, I think I would be more satisfied with the results. But isn't it just the cutest fabric?!? Here is the finished result.

There was leftover sailor material so I plan to make a a bib and a burp cloth with it. I think that would be a great gift set for an expecting sailor's wife. So cute!
Speaking of Sailor's mine is due to come home late this evening, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! :D

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  1. Really, really cute stuff! Now you have a souvenir from your wedding idea, too!