Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Blessed!!

I just have to start this off by saying how richly blessed I am with such an amazing man I have in my husband. He is just the right balance of manly and romantic for me, it's great! I love him sooo much!! Why do I say this,

He planned our whole anniversary weekend!! It was a weekend that only one dreams of OR sees in a movie. However, I got to experience it this past weekend! Instead of staying in the same hotel for the entire time, we stayed in a different hotel each night, which all were surprises to me.

When I picked him up from the airport on Thursday night, to my surprise, Adam led me to the hotel that we stayed in the first night of our honeymoon, the Sheraton Gateway by LAX, where a bed covered in red rose petals awaited for us ♥


The second day Adam led me to the city of Riverside, where we got to stay at my favorite one of them all...

We checked in at the front desk, took the elevator to the fourth floor of the inn and

walked along this walkway, where I opened the door,

and saw a trail of rose petals that led me

across the room

and to the bed with a card waiting for me on the bed-side table; so precious!

Our lovely view from our hotel room

We walked around the city, ate a lovely dinner, and went to bed. In the morning we woke up and walked around the farmer's market, had breakfast, and went to surprise his grandma Joan. We then went to his parents house and had a family gathering/birthday celebration for him.

Adam with his birthday presents: a Navy blanket, books, gift cards, money, and air plane treats.

We then headed for hotel #3 at the Embassy Suites.

where our room was very colorful, modern and spacious.

We hung out by the pool and spa, had a birthday dinner for him at Dave & Busters, and went to a nice complimentary breakfast in the morning. I can speak for him and say that he had a lovely birthday (mostly because he was with me! :) He definitely soaked up the excuse "it's my birthday."

We then headed to our last hotel of the weekend in Los Angeles, called Hotel Palomar. This was one of my favorite rooms.

It was a very modern and artsy hotel, very colorful and full of "art in motion," the theme of the hotel.

This was my favorite part of the room!!!

We explored the city, walked around looking at nice houses "dreaming big," had a nice lunch and dinner, and spent the day wishing it would never end. Although it eventually had to come to an end, to my regret, we fell asleep and woke up early to take him to the airport. I said see you in 2 weeks to him as I watched him take the escalator up to the security at the airport and drove home awaiting for Fourth of July festivities to begin. What a nice weekend!! We enjoyed something about every hotel. Hotel #1, best breakfast, Hotel #2, best hotel, Hotel #3, best free additives, Hotel #4, best room!! How much lucky could one girl get??!!!?? We definitely had a weekend in paradise with each other. So thankful that God blessed us this last year, and hopefully will provide us with many more years to come!

Love you Adam Brent ♥ ♥


  1. how stinkin cute!! so happy for the two of you.