Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I've Been up to Lately

My life has been full of fun-tivities, or fun activities, that have kept me pretty busy during my days. One can probably and rightfully assume that they have become my day job; which I don't mind if they do!! :D Two projects have consumed the most of my time during the last two weeks: scrapbooking and sewing. I have finally gotten the free-time to create a scrapbook for our wedding, yeah I know a little late but that's life, since our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY is coming up here soon!!! We planned on celebrating it during this last weekend, so I worked very hard to get most of it done for Adam and I to enjoy looking at while we remminisced over this last year of our precious union. :D

Even though I have not worked on the book during this last year, I did use my Michaels coupons wisely throughout the year to stock up on stickers, paper, ribbon, and adhesive tape for the project. I also had plenty of time to construct a plan or a "model" of the layout of the book. I decided on making the book in my perspective of the wedding so Adam would know my feelings and emotions of this big tiday in both of our lives. I decided to call the book "Becoming a Zickefoose," in telling the tale from the beginning to end of how we met, all the way to our honeymoon.

It was hard at first to get started, so I looked on different scrapbooking websites to get my mind rolling and the ideas to flow in. A good source I found helpful was this scrapbooking update I receive from Better Homes and Gardens via email; it's amazing! I took their suggestions, layouts, and ideas and made them my own- which was really fun! Play around with different layouts and see what you come up with; there is no right or wrong way to do it. Here is a sneak peak at my creation, these are just a couple of my favorite pages.

A colorful page of our wedding party, that brings out our wedding colors.

A page showing little details of our reception.

Our fairy tale ending ♥

So true for a Navy wife!!

I also said that I was working on a sewing project as well. Since Adam's 22nd birthday fell on the Saturday of this last weekend that we spent together, I decided that I would make him a gift instead of buying him something. A while back, his mom gave me a piece of scrap material she had found at JoAnns for cheap that was Navy print, and I decided that it would be a great idea for a gift if I made him a blanket incorporating it. I was supervised by my grandma but did all the work myself, yeah for me! Here is my completed project that I think turned out very well!

The length of the blanket, just right for Adam's height!

Showing you the felt navy blue border.

Hope you like my projects :D

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