Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zipper Flowers

What do you get when you combine these materials

(an unused zipper, a needle and thread, a piece of flannel, and scissors)

For some it may be hard to imagine something using these materials, but actually you get beautiful flower accessories, like these I've created

The beauty of these creations is that you can add them to anything: a headband, a hair clip, or even pin it to a shirt, cardigan, blouse, sweater, or dress. The ones I have shown above are not completely finished. Most of them I will make into hair clips, but some I will use as clothing accessories. For example, the white one with the red flower center I will add to a future red cardigan that I am in search of buying, which will make a great addition to the outfit I foresee. To fully complete this foreseen outfit, I will use the red flower in the picture with the pearl center as a hair clip to fully top off the outfit.

Making the flowers is so easy. It really just takes some simple patience, some free time, and some good back ground music (really!!). I have got them down to less then 10 minutes a flower.

First, you take your zipper out of the package (if it is new) and cut both the ends off (you do not need the actual zipper, only if you wish to add it to the center of the flower after completed). You can use any size zipper, it depends on what size you want your flower. Cut a small cirle out of the flannel material, and with the teeth faced to the left, place one half of the zipper onto the flannel and sew up and down twice through the zipper. Like this

Secondly, loop the zipper to look like this (doing whatever size loop you prefer, either big or small).

When you get it to the size you want it, sew the material of the zipper onto the otherside of the material of the zipper onto the flannel circle. Sew twice up and down, so the teeth surround the loop (as shown above).

Next, make another loop across from where you made the first loop; sew twice.

Make the next loop next to the second loop (you can tell which side of the loop to make it on, as the zipper will naturally guide you to the side it prefers. It will be easy to tell).

I have only provided vivid instructions for the first three loops, which should carry you on to the flowers completion. You can choose to make the flower with however many loops you can get. For a 20 inch zipper, you can choose to make 7 loops, and then have a smaller coil in the middle or you could do 6 loops and have more of a coiled center. (Please note: as I learned from experience, if you are making a flower out of a 9 inch zipper, you can use both halves of the zipper (when you cut off both ends) for your flower. You would then make 3 small loops out of one side and then two loops out of another one, and then coil it in and sew it down).

Here is my flower after I have made all the loops I wanted, which is 7.

You can see above that I left a tiny piece of the zipper, thus meaning a smaller center. I turned the zipper around in a small coil and sewed it down. (Note that at this stage of the flower, you may need to use a thimble, as it will be hard to get the needle through the center.) (If you want a larger coil in the center of your flower, then you basically roll the zipper in, and every 2 rolls, sew it down. When finished coiling & sewing it down, make sure your coil is facing upwards).

Here is how it looks so far

At this point it is basically done, all you have to do is secure that your sewing stayed in place, and go back and forth between your stiches on the flannel. Here is what the back of my flower looks like (notice it is all centered in the flower).

Here is my completed flower

It is really cute to add buttons, beads, or rhine stones to the center of the flower (as I did to a few of the flowers above). Also, you could choose to add the actual zipper to the center of the flower, which I did to a few of the flowers above, too. Anything would work and anything looks cute!

If you are looking for a cute craft project to do with a bunch of girlfriends, this is a great idea. It's cheap, easy, and fun to do in the process! I will post pictures when I completely finish them. I hoped you enjoyed this easy tutorial! :D If you would like one, let me know :D

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