Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking For My Sailor

Today has been a great day. Today was one of the only days of the week that I didn't have visits with friends during the day time, so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and bake my Sailor his favorite cookies: Snickerdoodles. :D

Since I do not have my cook books around (they are finally on a moving truck ready to be shipped to our new home. Yes, I too am confused why they cannot just leave right after they pack up your stuff, I found this really great recipe online. Seriously, I loved the outcome of using this recipe. One thing I really liked about the recipe is that you chill the pan for 10-15 minutes instead of greasing the pan, and it worked well! (Sidenote: I did do two things different. One, I slowly mixed in the dry and wet ingredients, and two, I baked them for fifteen minutes not ten, and they came out perfect!

So after the cookies cooled off, I put them inside a gallon size bag, went to the post office, and sent them on their way to meet up with my hubby, with an encouraging note. I reminded him of Mark 12:31 "to love your neighbor as yourself," with orders to share these cookies with guys that haven't got much mail or felt much love. Hope he listens. :D

What are you doing to reach out in love to those who don't receive much love? Baking cookies is such a simple gesture, think outside the box! :D

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