Monday, August 15, 2011


There are many reasons to celebrate today:

1) I got a call from my Sailor today!! Although it was at 12 AM, I still remember the call and what we talked about (or do I?).

2) Our stuff is officially out of our storage unit and onto a moving truck (although that does NOT mean that it is heading up to WA today. Yes, I too am confused at those logistics. But wait, we are talking about the same military aren't we?).

3) I got some much needed shredding done today that I have post-poned for awhile (no wonder why I neglected or shall I say, ignored it!!).

4) I am spending the evening with my in-laws (that's always a reason to celebrate!).

5) I completed all of these task without complaining!!! :D

And there you have it 5 reasons that I am celebrating today. Today I chose to see things in a positive manner and NOT the negative ways that so often tempt me (even though I was waiting at my storage unit for 6 hours!!). BUT NO, I am positive today, and am glad I chose to be. YEAH FOR ME!! :D

That's why today's song is Celebratione, by Kool and the Gang, because who doesn't love this song?!? Watch it here (I LOVE how their feet are moving the whole time!! :)

Happy week everyone!! :D

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