Friday, August 26, 2011

Excited Happenings

I just want to share with you all some exciting things that have happened around here lately.

1) Baxter was feeling extra adventurous and decided to play with an insect that has a stinger (probably a bee or wasp). I didn't notice until about an hour after it happened, when I was getting ready to take him on a walk and saw his face thinking, "Why do you look like a pitbull right now?" Long story short, he's ok now with a shot of whatever the vet gave him!

2) Our stuff finally arrived! Who would ever have thought that my bed would look so appealing to me?!? I was so excited to see that darn bed, you wouldn't believe (after spending half a week on the floor, a very hard floor). So excited to unpack you wouldn't believe it (I don't know if I'll ever say those words again)!

3) My friend Demi and I went to the Kitsap County Fair here in town and it was so fun! It was half-off military day, so we thoughtwe would take advantage of that (and give us something fun to do, too). We got to ride a few rides that looked pretty fun and a few others that made us pretty motion-sick. This leads to number 4,

4) Where I got to see my first country concert! Lee Brice was performing there and we got to see him for free in behind the priced seats, which was A-Ok with us. He has such good stage presence and has such an amazing voice. I only knew two songs of his, but that was just fine, his other songs were pretty funny, which made for a good laugh. It was a success! :D

5) I should be hearing my hubby's voice real soon, so I am still counting that as exciting news! :)

I hope you can think of 5 things from this past week that make you smile; I could. :)

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