Friday, August 12, 2011

Life Does Go On

A lot has happened in our lives since my last post 13 days ago. I wanted to spend every moment I possibly could with my hubby instead of being on the computer. With that said, this is a long post, since there is a lot to update on. So let's start at the beginning.

I was blessed to be able to spend 19 days with my sweet heart, which translates to spending each and every day with each other, all day long. Yes, that is a blessing when you're married to a military man! Not only was that time used to spend with each other, but with family as well. Adam really wanted to ensure that he got to see his family before he wouldn't be able to see them for awhile, so that wish was granted of course.

But in the midst of spending time with family, we also wanted to ensure that we had a couple of days of spending undivided, quality time with each other. So, Adam booked us at the Terranea Spa & Resort which resides right on the ocean, in Rancho Palos Verdes. Let me just tell you that it was so beautiful to wake up and go to sleep with the amazing view that we had. We saw whales and dolphins throughout the day! Just look at this view!

We spent two days there soaking up this view. We walked,


ate all with this view!

How much better could life get?!? We also walked along the Redondo Beach Pier which was fun, we even saw a seal there!!

If you asked me at this point of our time together, life was perfect.

Upon our return to Adam's parents house, where we stayed, our sister in law Laura and her precious daughter Emma were in town visiting for the last few days we were in town. This was great because Adam had not met his niece since her birth almost six months ago, so it enabled him to meet her before she would be one year old. Here is a lovely picture of them and us together.

Adam and his first niece ♥

Us both with our first niece, Emma Grace.

We originally had planned on flying to Adam's new station at Bremerton, WA, but in the midst of our time we thought we should drive up there so we could have a car and not have to rely on a taxi, since we did not know how long Adam would be there before he left. So, we packed up Adam's car with things that would get us by: sleeping bags, pots & pans, silverware, crock pot, T.V. & movies, and towels & pillows, and headed to my brothers graduation (and you thought I was going to say the road).

My brother now joins our family has a college grad; congratulations bro! We went to his graduation party and left his party around 8:30pm to our family tradition of waving tissues. It felt like we were leaving our wedding reception all over again! And there you have it, we were off on the road, heading to new beginnings that await for us in Washington.

A family photo after the Graduation

Adam drove from the first leg of the trip, from La Verne to Shasta. Boy, our view of Shasta Mountain was pretty in Northern California.

Then I drove the second half of the leg, from Shasta, all the way through Oregon, on to Bremerton, WA. On Sunday we met up with Adam's Uncle Marty and his family in Pikes Place, and we had fun with each other. We hadn't seen them since the wedding and it is a great treat that they are close to us now!

We then headed out to Bremerton and stayed the first few nights in a hotel that actually ended up being down the street to our future home. To skip forward, yes, we found the place that we will be living for awhile. It is off base but still military housing. It's in a perfect location, in-between the two bases that Adam will be working at, close to all major stores, and has more storage and shelving space then one woman could ever dream of! Adam and I got quite a bit of stuff done there before we left. We cleaned, vacuumed, trimmed, and pulled weeds to get the house ready for when the rest of our stuff would be moved up there. We also made some big purchases that we had put off/had not needed in our prior apartment. The house is fully equipped with all appliances except a washer/dryer, so that was big purchase #1. Adam was too excited to wait until he got back, so he bought a 47" flat screen T.V., big purchase #2. We then had waited to buy a desk top computer until we moved, so that was big purchase #3, a Gateway desktop set. Another reason why we love our new home, is for the big patio area it has, which is perfect for the new addition to our family, BAXTER!!

Baxter is a black & white Pomeranian, Pug, Terrior mix, who is now 10 weeks old. He is lovable and a handful all in one! We got him at an adoption festival in Tacoma. We did not go to the festival thinking we would get a puppy, but it was love at first sight. So we puppy-proofed our back yard, by blocking all the holes and gaps between the wood fence and the side of the patio door. We will appreciate this work when Baxter gets more curious with his growth!

Our little family ♥

Look at his cute little dog tag just like daddy's. :)

We spent the last couple of days checking off a few items on our adventure list. We went to the space needle in Seattle, which was a fun trip.

We also explored a city about 7 miles away, Poulsbo, which is the cutest little city ever. Adam and I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back on dates when he comes back!

If you keep asking yourself why I have stated numerous times "once Adam is gone" or "once Adam leaves" and wondering what that is all about, it is because Adam station of the USS John C. Stennis left for deployment on July 25th, and since Adam was on leave during that time, he met up with the ship this last Wednesday, August 10th. It was the hardest thing for us both to have to say "so long" to each other for an unknown (at this time) amount of time. I am thankful that I got to get a visitor's pass and see him off past security, but it still was hard. The hardest part was the last view of Adam that I have in my head: with tear-filled eyes, him saying "I love you so much" as he walked down the terminal to his plane. Man, I can't even describe my emotions, so I won't even try. I do have some things that will remind me of Adam and will help me through.

My Build-A-Bear, Sailor Adam, which says in Adam's voice when you push it's left hand, "I love you so much, Jasmine Melinda Zickefoose." This bear will definitely be getting its share of hugs!

Adam's wedding ring, which we cleaned and engraved to say: Always & Forever, A.B.Z. We got Adam a more sturdy ring that will last him the rest of our lives. ♥ I plan on either wearing his ring myself or puting on a bracelet. We'll see.

The same day Adam left, Baxter and I headed on a plane, trading the cloudy skies of Washington for the blue skies of sunny California. We are here for an unknown amount of time, as I am planning for the moving company to move the rest of our stuff. It will be nice to visit with family & friends before we head back to Washington and fully settle into our new home. If you want to hang out, just call me! :) In addition, I also did not want to be home for another reason...


Although it wasn't a very exciting day, it still would have been a drag spending it alone. I am planning on celebrating my birthday over the weekend with my family, since they all are available then, so that's why it was more of a quiet celebration. My day was filled with puppy kisses, walks, relaxation, movies, traditional requested meals for the day (coffee cake, tomato soup & grilled cheese, and home-made Sloppy Joes), card games, and reading through my old childhood Bible. The day was nothing like my 19th birthday of sky-diving, or my 20th of para-sailing, but given the circumstances, it was just an average day. I think next year is calling for some thing exciting, but we'll have to wait and see!

Me with my traditional birthday flowers that have been given to me for 23 years. A flower for every year I've been born. I hope to keep this tradition running if I ever have a daughter. ♥

And there you have it, a current update of my life in a nutshell. Please be praying for Adam and I as, given the circumstances, life is going to be hard for us both for awhile. Please be praying for his adjustment to life on the ship and to the other sailors, for his amount and/or lack of sleep that will probably await him, for doing his job well and with a good attitude, and for the ship's safety as they head out to unknown and troubled waters. Please also be praying for me as I find ways to keep busy and keep my mind distracted (which I don't think will ever fully happen). Help us both to remember that God is with us and is on our side, and promises to protect and guide those who choose to follow after Him and his ways of grace and love.

I think it's time for some new creations here soon...

Happy weekend everybody!

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