Saturday, September 10, 2011


I decided to take on this challenge that I saw someone else did. I think it will keep me remembering all the things I miss about Adam or miss the things he does for me when we are together. I will then send the list to him, so he personally knows why I miss him and appreciate him for who he is and what he does for me, so he really knows just HOW much I miss him. ♥

Here is the challenge:

To make a list of the funniest cutest LITTLE things he has done/or does for you on a regular basis that maybe you don't notice anymore or haven't even thought about.

Here it goes:

1. Falling asleep/waking up next to him
2. Hearing his voice
3. Being told I love you and other sweet comments
4. His big bear hugs
5. Holding his hand when we walk
6. Reaching for things in the top cupboards. Even my step stool is too small for my reach!
7. Watching stupid shows with him. I haven't watched T.V. in forever!
8. Helping me unpack and prepare the house. It's a LOT for one person to do!!
9. Pulling the weeds. They grow back so fast!
10 Having someone to eat dinner with and cook for!
11 Having him share turns driving with me. It's gonna be my turn for awhile!
12 Making me laugh for random things he does.
13 Lifting heavy things for me.
14 Always having someone around that will listen when I talk (a lot)
15 Having him encourage me or motivate me in person.
16 Pumping gas for me.
17 Helping me make simple/easy decisions, right on the spot.

And there you have it. My list of things I miss about Adam. I think this really helped me. I realized things that I love and appreciate, that I didn't know I really missed, however, I'm just glad that I have him in general! ♥ I wrote half of the list this morning, and took the whole day to think hard about what he does for me that I appreciate. I think this list covers it (from what I can think of so far). I might do another one later on in the deployment, if I feel like I left some things out.

This really was a great idea. I think this would also be beneficial to any couple, parent & child, who are not away from each other, because then you have a list of something to read of why you love them, care for them, etc. It would also be a great surprise if you left a note of your list for them where they can open it at their leisure. That would be sweet! Not often do we take the time to think about these kind of things. This really puts things into perspective and humbles you down to realize the little things in a relationship that might not seem like big things, but could really matter the most ♥

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! :D

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