Monday, September 19, 2011

Baxter Boy

I figured that today would be a good day to give a little update on my bug-a-boo, Baxter. Since there have been a lot of stories to tell regarding him and his mischief, I thought, why not just give the people what they want and give them a full update? So be it.

Baxter is a good dog, probably 75% of the time. The other 25% is divided into 2 sections:

12.5% of the time he is getting into trouble when he's with his brother.
12.5% of the time, when he is not with his brother, he finds some way to be bad.

I mean, in the morning he is a precious gem. Our morning routine is as follows. I wake up and then say "Good morning Bax." I open up his kennel and say "Come on Bax, let's go outside." To which he slowly walks out, gives a big stretch and follows me to the sliding door. I let him outside, he does his thing, and (since it's been sunny lately) he will sun-bathe for about 1-2 hours (depending on what our schedule looks like for the day and how early we get up). It's really so darn cute! He is a So-Cal dog at heart! He will definitely miss the sunshine when fall and the rain comes! Usually we would then head over to his brother's house, where he gets to spend the afternoon being rough and tough with his brother, which will drive Auntie Demi and I insane, but now we will be over there a little less since she is starting school. Bummer! Who needs school? (just kidding!). Let's just say the boys get a lot of time outs when they are together! haha (but really!). This is where his bad side shines.

On the days when we are home for lunch or dinner, Baxter LOVES to watch me prepare the meal. He will sit so well at some perfect vantage point in the kitchen just hoping that I drop something on the floor, which I never do. He looks so interested in what I'm doing, it's really cute! He also knows when it is time to eat. The vet recommended that I give him a fish oil tablet to help with his dry skin, since when we got him it was really bad (now it's a lot better), so whenever I go get the tablet, he knows that he is eating. He will bark at me to hurry up, and go run and wait infront of the bathroom, where his bowl is. He usually will bark one more time. Then he has a competition with himself to see how fast he can eat his food in one sitting. He usually wins. It's really fun to watch him eat, because he will lick the bowl clean and scoot it around the bathroom until he finally realizes that the bowl is not a never-ending food supply bowl, sadly to his disappointment. I really should capture this on video! Then later in the evening, when I am on the computer, he knows that it is snuggle time and will ask to get on my lap and fall asleep curled up in the cutest little ball. See, he can be good!

He finally will receive his last shot next week, to where he will immediately begin training classes and will start getting walked every day. This will be a harsh reality adjustment for him. If he thinks I am mean now, which I am not, he will think I am even meaner then. Sucks for him!

What he has gotten into so far:
1) Destroyed one of my Rainbow Sandals, so basically the other sandal is useless!
2) Destroyed my only other pair of sandals. So I am left with no casual shoes.
3) My phone battery. NOT funny Baxter!
4) 2 of my flags from my flag project (guess he's not patriotic).

A cute little side note, I like to call him either just Bax or Baxter Boy. When I call him Baxter Boy, it makes me think of a super hero. Like, "duh-duh-duh-duh Baxter Boy." Sorry, that was really random.

Although I have had some rough times with him the past couple of weeks, he is a good companion. I know that he knows I am his mommy. He loves to snuggle at night, which is pretty routine, and it's really cute because he initiates it. He's a darling at night! I know that he will become a good friend and an even greater companion in time and training. :)

Kind of reminds me of the Disney song from the Aladdin movie, Friend Like Me. Watching this movie always brings back fun memories, plus the song is really cute!

Well, here are some pictures of my cute little brat. Hope you enjoy.

He loves his kennel and bed. :)

He was trying to help me unpack. The whole kitchen was literally filled with packing tissue. They use so much of it, it's insane!

Isn't it so cute how he sun-bathes?!? So precious!

Waiting to come inside to play! At least he is wiping his paws.

Only during knap time are the brothers sweet and cute. If only the whole day was like this....

This is how he is during snuggle-time at night ♥

He always likes to know what I am doing. He's so curious!

Baxter and I would like to wish you a happy week! :)

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