Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Look At 'Em Peas!!!

I've got tall peas!! Guess them peas are lovin WA weather, which is fine by me, by all means! Tall peas= healthy peas= I'm doing something right! I hope they continue to soak up the sun and all the vitamin D they can, before it goes away for awhile! But even when it was raining for a couple of days and overcast with no sunshine, they still did very well. I'm so proud of them. They're just growing up right before my very eyes, thankfully! See, just look at 'em. Aren't they so pretty?!?

Look how tall this one is!!! :D

Last week some time I put up the first row of twine to hold up them up. And can you believe that I had to put up 2 more rows today??!!?? There's no peas yet, but they're so close, i just know it. They are growing crazy good right now, I'm so excited I can't contain myself! I can't wait to throw a first crops party, when I get enough peas to eat more than one. I'll invite all my 3 friends up here and we'll have a good ol' time eatin peas. Let me rephrase, HOMEGROWN peas!!!! :D

I was just so excited I had to share this news with somebody, and thought who better than any of my blog followers :) As you can tell, I'm sure you will know when there's sign of peas. Pray for peas, not peace. Well that sounds bad, pray for peas and peace in your prayers :)

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