Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Home, Part 2

Today I took some of my valuable time and finished taking pictures of our home, minus the office/spare bedroom. Man people, I sure am on a roll! There's going to be a little bit of an overlap, since new purchases were made, read more about that fun trip here, and things were shuffled around. With that said, I really like how things look right now. It's been how it is for a couple of days now and I really like it! So you all know what I am talking about, let's not waste any time and finish the tour, so you can see for yourselves.

Throughout the tour we are going to play a fun game entitled "can you tell the difference." You will have to spot the differences between both pictures, and I will post the differences under the new picture. But don't cheat people, that's just uncool.

Here is the old picture of the living room:

Here is how it looks now:There are 11 changes to the living room. Can you guess them?

1)tv stand, 2)black couch, 3)red couch moved back, 4)black book shelf under yankees picture, 5)angels things on 2nd shelf of black book shelf, 6)angels stuff on 3rd shelf, 7)pyramid on top of red cd shelf, 8)American flags on white shelf, 9)engagement dolphin accessories on white shelf (classed them together), 10)black ottoman next to tv stand, 11)ships on tv stand

Here is one of the new additions to the living room area. I felt like it completed more of the white, black and red theme going on. I really like it there now!

Here is a closer look at the white shelf above the TV. I like how it is now because it brings the Americana accessories into the living room and not just in one general area (although I love that wall!).

When I initially was arranging the furniture, I didn't like having the black and red couch both in the living room. However, now that the black couch does not fit in the dining room, and I tried it in our bedroom and it does not go, it 1) has to be in the living room and 2) I LOVE it in there now. I don't know what 2 weeks did to me, but I dig it! Also, since I pulled the red couch back more, it allows for more open space in the center of the living room, which I love too! You can see more of the space in this photo:

Next up is the Dining Room. Here is what it looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now. Can you guess the differences (do not look at the left side wall, I'll get to that)? There are 3 changes.

1) THE TABLE!!! 2) The black couch is out 3) The side table that was next to the couch is no longer there, too.

Let's talk about this lovely table for a second. So proud of myself, I stuck with it, and there you have it. Aww, just look at all my hard work! For fall, I put together this centerpiece for a table decoration with my wedding garland from the arch, some fake fall-colored leaves, and some wheat grass. The centerpiece is going to change continuously, so excited for this! Here is a closer look at the centerpiece:

Now let's get to that left side wall. Here is what it looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now. Can you guess the changes? There are only 3.

1)No more table underneath. 2) There is a small american flag that I made, without the stick since baxter tore off the stick for a snack. 3) There is a wooden 74 above Adam's certificate, standing for CVN 74. :)

You might be asking yourself right now, where is that table? Well, its new home is behind the couch :)

You might also be asking yourself, where is that side table? Well, here is its new home, too. I like it here:

Now it's time to see something brand-new. Are you excited??

Introducing the Zickefoose Kitchen

The view from the second bedroom/hallway

A closer up view. I have to point this out, there are mutiple reasons why I love this kitchen, but for one major reason, is all the cupboard space! There is seriously a ton of storage! I love the cupboard on the bottom left of the picture. It is a side cupboard, with a lazy susan. INGENIOUS!!! :D

A view from the bay window area

The view of the pantry. I usually keep the doors closed, because as you can see, Baxter loves to explore, and so I don't allow him to. Also, the wall looks kind of bare, because I thought it would be cool to save Adam's license plate, since his car is officially a Washingtinian car, and the Arizona one Demi gave me. I like that idea. :)

Here are my favorite features of my kitchen, and yes, I did go with a red theme too :D

Love this sign: Farm Fresh :)

The red hand towels Laura made me :) Along with my scrabble words on the stove that remind me to: Have faith

My red tea pot that I got at a great price of $4.50, because it was out of season. Out of season, um, not at my house! :)

So that's pretty much the kitchen. I love the space! I could literally have a dance party in there and still have room to spare!

Sorry to bring you away from the kitchen, but let's move on. Next we walk down the hall and to the left is the laundry room.

Here is where my babies live (not real babies, but technological babies). These are my best friends right now. I literally could wash close all day and be content, just because these machines are so cool! So glad we scored them for a great deal! Yeah for Lowes!

Just look at them. I'm in 7th Heaven just staring at this picture!

If you were like me, when you saw this picture you immediately thought, oh that's it, there's no more left to this room besides a washer/dryer. Well my friends, you would be wrong like I was. Once you look behind the door, you are going to be amazed! Seriously, it took me 3 days to notice there were shelves behind the door! That's pretty funny!

In this picture, you can't tell, but there is even a top shelf that couldn't fit in the picture. It's crazy!

Next, when you walk straight out of the laundry room, you come across the bathroom.

This is by far my favorite decorated room! The theme is beach/nautical. Let me give you a closer look.

I love the material on the shower curtain. I really dig it!

Next up, I display my blessing rocks from our wedding on top of the toilet, with a quote from my favorite poem above it, that says, "When you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that He carried you." ♥

For a fun craft, I decorated one of the wooden picture frames that they sell at Michaels for a dollar with half of the sea shells I have collected over the years. Remember how I love sea shells? The picture inside it (of the Terranea Resort) goes perfectly with the lighthouse that says "Life is carefree down by the sea" (I wish :)

I put the rest of my shells and rocks in these bowls that I picked up at an antique store a few years ago, along with all my rocks (I love nature!), with a picture from Adam and I when we were dating. Love that picture :)

This is my favorite. For another easy and fun craft to spice up the bathroom with my theme, I bought fish net and hot glued all of the small sea shells (and a few big sea shells) I owned to the fish net, put a post card I received from my grandparents on one of their infamous trips that says "Seashore Treasures," and hung up a wooden ship wheel I bought on Amazon for pretty cheap. I LOVE it! (I couldn't get the best view, since the bathroom is pretty small, but it's really cute I promise!).

I love this wall, too! In the mason jar on the shelf, I put some of the oyster shells I have, along with the black sand I brought back from my caribbean mission trip I went on in high school. I LOVE it! I also love the anchor, so cute (got that on amazon, too) and then posted pictures of nature that I have taken over the years (which will probably rotate in time), with an engagement picture of Adam and I on the top, since I loved the trees in the picture.

Do you see why I love this room? There's something about sea shells and the beach that I absolutely love, so what better way to bring it out then in the bathroom. Right?!? I literally could spend a lot of time in there, it's so cute!

Our bedroom is the last room we will tour, I promise. Sorry that I am so detailed oriented. Since people have really wanted to see pictures, I decided that it was ok to go all out, because you don't have to read this if you don't want to, but thanks for doing it! Plus people have been asking for it, so hey I did it! :)

Here is the room at first glance:

Let me just start off by saying, I love the wall!! I know I keep saying, I love this and I love that, but seriously, it's really cute!

I bought this vinyl saying on etsy for $10. It's perfect for our bedroom, because Adam usually gives me 3 kisses before bedtime. When we're together, we never fail to always give 3 (I don't know why 3, but we just do it). So, it's perfect! As far as everything else on the wall, it's all from our wedding. From the garland, to the flower arch, to the tulle and bows, it's all from the arch at our wedding. See:

My mom gave me the idea to keep it and put it above my bed, so I will give her the credit, but I'm glad I took her advice; it's really cute!

Here is my bedside table. It contains my crosses, my favorite lamp, and in scrabble letters I spelled out grace, to remind me that God offers me grace whether I feel as if I deserve it or not, and Adam's picture that I kiss every night before bed.

This is Adam's night stand.

This is our dresser, which is decorated with our reception center-piece from our wedding. See how we used it at our weddding, purple flower petals, my favorite wedding picture, and a glass frame from Adam's great-aunt that says "Love is the sharing and giving of two hearts together," which is a great, constant reminder to have. I really like the dresser! Simple, but elegant!

Our side wall is quite barren and I don't think it's complete, but I am leaving it the way it is for now (I don't want anything too distracting to take away from the main wall). But it contains pictures of us, a poem that I wrote to Adam while we were dating and a poem that Adam wrote to me a week before he proposed.

Here is also a picture of our walk-in-closet, which clearly differentiates our sides :D

Fun side note: we both owned those name cards before we were married. I like them!

Before I leave you, I did want to point out that it is fun to decorate your house with wedding accessories, especially if you made a lot of things for decorations. Half of my house is decorated with wedding stuff, actually a good majority of it is. There is something from our wedding in every room of the house, I promise! It's a really cute way of reminding yourself of the most joyous day of your lives: the union of a man and wife in marriage. They do not have to be stored in boxes, bring them out! I only have a small box of memorabilia stored away in one of our many closets, and that's it! That reminds me, I didn't take pictures of them, but there are 3 closets that I didn't show you. 1) a linen closet right next to the bathroom, 2) an big closet right before you enter our bedroom (on the other side of the bathroom), and 3) a closet for coats with floor space and one shelf right before the kitchen. It's really insane how much storage space we have, but I definitely am NOT complaining about that!

So there you have it, a complete tour of our house, minus the second bedroom. I promise that as soon as I get a spare bed and get the room all situated I will let you all know. Plus, I will show you the entry way and the hallway in that same update (They too are not complete). :)

To bid you farewell, here is a picture of bax

Happy night to you all ♥

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