Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Home, Part I

Yes, I have finally took snap shots of our home. Man, this has been a hard time for me. I have been receiving death threats from family members, begging me and bullying me to do so (not really), but I finally did it! Let me give you a pre-warning first: I only took pictures of half of our home (the front/back of the outside and the living room/dining room). Please don't get mad at me! More will come, I promise! But geesh I am a busy woman you know. I have lots to do and am always busy, busy, busy. OK, well, I guess that is even funny to me while I write it, because it's SO not true. But seriously, it is hard to unpack and decorate a home all by yourself. So, cut me some slack people! :D Also, prepare yourself, because it's a long post, as there are a lot of pictures, and I am detailed oriented, so bare with me. Ok, let's get started. Ready. Set. Go! And we're off...

To the front of our house:

Here is our front planter, where I am growing Parsley, Cilantro, and Astras. And no, that is NOT a weed on the front left! That is the Parsley! :D

Taking a quick walk to our back yard you will stumble upon my garden first.

Can somebody say HEALTHY.PEAS??!!?? LOVE IT!!

Now you may enter our backyard:

Take a look at it. We have a pretty decent space.

On the other side of the gate is our "House Warming gift" from my grandparents. I love listening to it, and pretty much have it on all the time. Until the rain comes, it will be on!

Now you may enter our home, but not before you wipe your feet!

Straight ahead you run into the living room. Here is a view from the dining room.

The tall book case is my fav! Here is what lays on the center of it. I love this quote! So true for a Washingtinian!!

I know you probably are thinking to yourself, why isn't the T.V. higher? Well, because I haven't gotten a T.V. stand yet. But am picking up one I found for a GREAT price at Ikea, tomorrow. I will update you on it later. Above the T.V. is Adam's Angel's memorabilia.

P.S. I love the shelf they lie on. My other FAV about the living room. It's so fun!

On the wall to the left of the sliding door is my trinkets I have picked up on vacations.

I guess now you know one thing about me. I LOVE red! Read is one of my favorite colors, but it is also one of my favorite colors to decorate with, especially when you throw black & white into the mix! Favorite items in this room:

1) couch
2) tall cd shelf
3) Angel's shelf

They add so much cuteness to the room! And yes, they are all from Ikea!

Now we turn around and we have a view of the Dining room. It holds family photos and our wedding guest-signing picture frame. Here is what it looks like.

Here is a closer look at the Family pictures:

The wall to the right of the sliding door is my Navy/Sailor wall.

On the wall hangs, the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner; his certificate of graduating from A School; a picture of Adam & I on the day he graduated bootcamp; an Americana picture frame he had of a picture of him and his great-grandma, and Americana trinkets.

The table holds Adam's division and his own photo; his bootcamp yearbook; a book he owns entitled, America's Heroes; his training guide from bootcamp, and his other book from bootcamp; his recruiter cap; the flags I made from this post, and other trinkets (The 7 & 4 will eventually go on the wall, I just need to find a way to put them on there :)

So true!

The wall to the left of the Dining Room and to the left of the Kitchen is home to Wedding memories and movies. One thing that is fun about decorating your house, is you can use a lot of things that you used to decorate your wedding. A lot of my decorations around my house are from the wedding. Just wait 'til I show you pictures on Thursday! :)

Well, sorry to have to break it to you, but the tour is over for now. You probably are full of questions. The question you probably are asking yourself is, why does the dining room not hold a kitchen table?? Oh, silly you! You were not blind, there is not one! We don't have one! Haha. For now, I am letting it be an addition to the family room, since both couches did not really "fit" in the living room together. We have two barstools, and for now I am either pondering on these things:

1) Get a 4 seater kitchen table.
2) Get a small 2 seater table and put it directly in the kitchen by our bay window and then get 2 more barstools.
3) We'll just eat on the floor when we have guests.
(just kidding, 3 is just for kicks).

But yeah, I will ponder on these for a month, and see what I think then. Until Thursday for my next update, that's all for now. I know it was a long tour, but come on, there's just one more thing!! Don't you want to see BAX??

Just LOVE that cute face (when he's not eating his poop, getting into the trash, chewing on my craft projects, or being a brat)!

Well, that's it from Bax and I. Good night to you all, I am off to make dinner and then bake Banana Bread, using my favorite recipe. :D


  1. I loved seeing pics of your new place, Jasmine! It's a lovely home (and you have a great way of arranging stuff on walls)! Way to go!
    Diane Mann

  2. Thanks Diane, glad you enjoyed the tour!