Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventures in a Uhaul

I've decided that instead of dwelling on things that lead to an emotional breakdown while I go through this first deployment (and you would be surprised at what makes you miss your hubby: taking out the trash, dealing with auto insurance, reaching for that glass jar in the top shelf. Just about anything!) I would write a weekly blog about something goofy I did during the week. To put in easier terms: every Saturday I will write a blog under the category "Saturday Laughs" about something funny, silly, or just a simple adventure that occured during my week. Then by the end of the deployment I can look back at all the fun/silly memories I made/experienced while Adam was gone. Got it? Good. Let me begin.

Today was a fun day. It began with a woman's tea at the church that we visited for the first time last Sunday. It was a really nice, relaxing, very casual event. It was a great start to a weekend! Next up, Demi and I went Blackberry picking. We've been talking about going for awhile, but never really "acted" upon it. So today we actually went right infront of her apartment complex and picked blackberries. You heard me right, practically infront of her apartment! We literally struck gold! We are excited to make blackberry cobbler tomorrow! Yummy!

We then parted our ways and I went kitchen table shopping. I headed to two local places that I have seen around town, since I pretty much knew the price range I was expecting, because I've been looking at Ikea for the past 2 months and nothing has struck my eye, or been the right size or price. Those places struck out, so I went to Target, remembering one I had seen there previously. Yeah, it was on sale! Woo-hoo! I asked them to see if they had it in stock, which they did, and they brought it to the front for me. So I continued my shopping, since I had a few more items I needed to get, and proceeded to the checkout. When I got there, I was like, "Whoa, that box is bigger than I thought it would be." I bought it anyways, hoping that God would provide a miracle and expand Adam's trunk a little more by the time I walked back to my car to pull it to the front of the store. To my surprise, He didn't, so the workers were patient with me. I had them take out all the items and thought that maybe, just maybe, it would fit in the car without the big ol' box. Everything fit, but the box table frame. By 2 inches!!!! UGH!!!! Do you remember when I explained earlier how anything can lead to a break down. Yes, I was holding in that break down so hard!!! The workers said, "Do you know anybody with a truck?" Yes worker guy, I just moved here and made friends with all the truck-owners in town. That was first on my to-do list. Not! Yeah right!

Well, the workers got a kick out of it, but we had to come up with some kind of plan. I couldn't return it because the box was opened, which turned out great, because I didn't want to, it was at such a great price, THAT'S WHY I BOUGHT IT! They allowed me to keep the table frame there in the box, even though it was against liability, only if I promised to come back with either, a) a truck or b) a Uhaul. Since we already got down that I don't know any truck owners, yes my only option was renting a Uhaul. Upon God's will, I got to the Uhaul store 30 minutes before they closed, got me a truck, and drove that bad boy to Target, all along the way looking way out of place in that stupid truck.

What did I learn from this experience:

a) Praise the Lord when I see ad's that say FREE SHIPPING/DELIVERY!!! (I now know why this is a big deal!!!!!!!)
b) I don't belong in a Uhaul truck! My foot could barely fit to the pedal and the truck was so big for that stupid table frame, that was only 2 in. small for my trunk.
c) Buy items that are pre-assembled, although I am now a master at assembling furniture!!

So I hope you are enjoying your Saturday night, because no, I'm not spending mine going on a date with my hubby, but rather, assembling a table for my dining room. YEAH ME!!! Welcome to my life.

I hope some part of this made you laugh. Good night.

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