Monday, September 5, 2011

Thankful ♥

First of all:


These days I am strictly a house-wife, getting things all set up in our new home here in Washington, taking care of our puppy, and crafting. I mean, I have been employed since I was 16 almost 17, so it is nice having a little break of free time to create, rest, relax, and to simply enjoy my life and not let it slip away from me (although I am going to be searching for available jobs on base this week). I don't think, however, that I could let a day like today, being Labor Day and all, go by without me saying a little something-something about how appreciative/thankful/blessed I am that my hubby is working, and working hard that is, at his job. I have not seem him in action (probably don't want to) but knowing his character, I know that he does a great job at what he does. I used to be the one getting up early for work, and these days he gets up earlier than me. Imagine that?!? Besides all of this, his life is on the line, as he is fighting for the priviledge that we all have: freedom. So thankful that he works hard to put our food on the table (and in Baxter's bowl), clothes on our back (good thing Baxter doesn't need clothes), and our a roof over our head for us all! I know that God is watching out for us, as He has provided for us, and will continue to provide for us, and the promise of that is beautiful, as I do know that God keeps his promises!

Today's choice of music for me is Train. Adam introduced me to Train at our first Angels game together, since their song Calling All Angels plays before every home Angels game. I dedicate their song, If It's Love, to my sweet hubby. You can watch it here, since I only included a portion of their lyrics below.

I confess you are the best thing in my life
But I'm afraid when I hear stories
About a husband and wife
There's no happy endings
No Henry Lee, But you are the greatest thing about me

If it's love
And we decide that it's forever
No one else could do it better
If it's love
And we're two birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whatever
And if I'm addicted to loving you
And you're addicted to my love too
We can be them two birds of a feather
That flock together
Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, Love
That's enough for me

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Can I just quickly point out one line in the song: "But you are the greatest thing about me." Aww that melts my heart! I love that, and it's so true for me. Just today my friend and I were talking about if one thing didn't happen in our lives, then we wouldn't have met our husbands. That's so true! If Adam never found me on myspace, I wouldn't be the person I am today; and I absolutely, positively, 100% believe that! Adam is THE BEST thing that ever happened to me. We are proof that God works miracles, because we would not have meant any other way, and it happened this way for a reason, and God worked that way for whatever reason he wanted. But all of that is to say, for whatever reason that is, I am hands-down appreciative, happy, thankful, and blessed that He did!!! Adam has become the greatest thing about me, and I am so thankful we have each other to live, laugh, and love each other for the rest of our lives! We'll look back some day and have an amazing story to tell our future children, and future grandchildren, someday, of how their parents/grandparents met. Can't wait for that day! ♥

Adam, Baxter and I are very thankful for all your hard work! We love you soo much! Keep making us proud! ♥

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